Quick reply or no quick reply?

Quick reply or no?

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Do you use the quick reply at the bottom of each thread (activated by clicking that lil button on the bottom right of any post) or do you click "post reply" and let it take you to the main replying to thread page?

I normally hit the post reply and takes me to another page, it's just an automatic response. Heh.
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i've never used it.. never tried as for some reason it looked too complicated :laugh: will do next time i reply... maybe :unsure:
Quick Reply is the bomb!!!
(and I used it to write this reply :tongue: )
Yes, the method you use to reply is a habit...Like Bunny, I too use it for everything unless I want to quote.


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this is my first ever 'quick reply'.. is it gonna change my life forever

OMG WHERE ARE THE EMOTICONS???? i need my emoticons


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I used to use the quick reply all the time but they don't work for me now. Must be something with my computer. Oh nvm gotta hit the quick reply button above.

I also like the smilies so it's easier on the other page.

I'm used to quick reply, and if I'm gonna quote I'll just type [ quote = PERSONHERE ] stuff [/ quote ] ... has the same effect. And I remember most of the smileys I use... which admittedly arent that many.

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