Quiet in the storm

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    I feel alone, I am alone. Standing in a crowd I am a ghost. My voice is like a quiet wind. My screams are as silent as a grave. I have become numb. What I need I am denied. Forever alone, my body becomes numb. And yet my emotions run wild. Inside there is a storm, but outside is calm. What I need I am denied and I'm dying inside. I'm an outcast, rejected. Not good enough for the world. I am all alone, watching the life drain from my body.

    So screw you to all that ignore me. Even my "best friend". I should have known better than to trust anyone. It kills me that I can't scream my emotions out. It hurts to bleed it out instead. Where was anyone when I needed them the most? Even my own family betrays me? Then I wonder why I even bother living if I'm just a ghost in the crowd. I don't know what this is. It's not a cry for help. At this point I don't care. Death has been on my mind a lot. And yes, I've been on meds, seen a doctor, and had counselling. I've also been hospitalized for almost committing suicide. At this point I'm just repeating that since people always bring it up. And no I don't currently plan on ending my life, despite my recent crisis thread (which I was contemplating). Just thinking on it at this point.
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    I hear you and you are just as important as anyone Do not let anyone make you feel so powerless ok You do have power if they won't listen you go else where find someone that will.
    You call crisis you go to hospital you tell your doctor anyone ok I am sorry your family is not supportive that is hard but we are here ok so you keep posting keep venting it helps to lessen the pain some