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Quit the job

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not sure if it is good.
sobriety and living is over rated in my life for over a decade; been in and out since 11 an now feel like I gave it all I had and am ready to return to the dirt.
Looked at possible help---been ther done that----i want quiet.....


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I just did a similar thing a few weeks ago - a significant job as a State Patrol Trooper. I can't tell you how hard I worked to get that job - but I did it for somebody else. When I quit the job, after trying to tell her for a year, she filed for divorce. I lost everything I knew. I'm here. Only a month later and beginning to put the pieces back together.

This joint helped me more than I can say.

Give us a shot. Talk to us.

I quitnmynjob too last month. They begged me to stay and inreconsidered. I was acting out of panic and fear. I am still very afraid and I worry constantly. If you need the change to work on yourself then it is a good thing.


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Thank you....
I hate the drama that is in my head.
I can relate to dream job....still not happy...
No job anymore...
I am too old to start over.
I can't even go outside.
I am a grown person.
I need something to chill out---Hospital??
I am going ceazy!!


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I was thinking that maybe you have skill-sets from your education and your past position as a State Patrol Trooper that can be used immediately for other jobs which do not require you to go outside. Your wife filing for divorce because you told her you didn't want to keep working as a trooper (an occupation you did for someone else - maybe her?) sounds shallow on her part. =[

I can't begin to imagine what you're going through; I'm only 18, and in a different stage of life unfortunately. :( :hug:

Sending more :hug: :hug: your way.

I wish you well. - Mr. A
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