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    About 70% of people want to quit smoking but quitting smoking is not very easy. Though there are a number of Methods to quit smoking , what a person needs is a strong will. There are many natural as well as artificial methods available to help a smoker to get rid of tobacco. One can choose a method suitable for oneself. A number of stop smoking medicines are also available which might need medical guidance.

    To be successful in quitting smoking, one must be ready from the heart to quit smoking. One should know the consequences and dangers of smoking. He should be convinced that smoking is indeed dangerous to not only his health but also that of his near ones. Passive smoking also has many dangerous effects. He must be first mentally prepared to quit smoking. Only then will any medicine or method have any effect on his habit. Depending on the amount of cigarettes one smokes, he should bring down the quantity. Once the amount is reduced to a packet or so, some tool could be used to help further.

    The most commonly known tool for quitting smoking is nicotine gum. Nicotine gum contains nicotine but it is a substitute to smoking. It helps one deal with the withdrawal symptoms one faces when the amount of nicotine reduces in the body. Unlike smoking, nicotine gum can be used anywhere. E cigarette is another substitute for cigarettes which when inhaled releases harmless nicotine vapor.

    One can try to engage oneself in some hobbies to keep oneself engaged and take their minds off smoking
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    with mental illness the smoking although harmful has a calming affect on the mind that is why many mentally ill pt do smoke and why stopping the smoking is very hard for them to do.
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