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    quitting cutting is probably the hardest thing i have ever done, other than stopping smoking, which i am still working on. well, I guess that isnt exactly true, it isnt the hardest thing i have ever done it is the hardest thing i have ever TRIED to do...hmmm...I'm rambling...sorry. any suggestions on how i can stop smoking and/or cutting?
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    Hey there,
    In terms of trying to stop the self harm, that is a very positive step to make. One point that I would suggest you consider though is the reasons behind your self harm. As it is often only by trying to look at the issues and factors that lead us to self harm that we can then begin to work through those and thus remove the need to cope with those factors with self harm. An analogy that I often use is that it's like trying to cure asthma and stop yourself wheezing whilst you're still living with 10 cats that you're allergic to. Yes inhalers work as a stop gap, but it won't help as a long term solution until the underlying reasons are looked at, if that makes sense.

    Perhaps it is worth considering some other coping strategies / distractions that may work for you? The more resources we have at hand to use to cope with things, the more 'options' that are tehre in terms of things to try to distract with and use to cope with, sometimes the less likely we are to need to self harm. Often it's a case of experimenting in terms of what works for you - everyone is different, and for an individual, what works may vary over time. For some people, it's things like a relaxing bath with perfume oils, for others it might be playing sport, a favourite CD. See this as a positive thing, experiment, see what works for you!

    One last thought in all this - the road away from self harm is a bumpy sometimes, and it is hard. Try to keep in mind that a blip does not mean you are back at square one, it does not negate all the effort and the time that you have managed to not self harm, not at all. A blip is simply that, a blip in the wider and bigger picture of moving away from the need to self harm.

    Good luck, and do let us know how you get on with it x
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