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  1. another_stereotype

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    I don't know what to do... I started cutting in sixth grade, when my boyfriend at the time showed me his scars. For the last...four years or so, I've been struggling with trying to quit. I haven't really cut for a month or so, but this Monday I sat on my friend's couch next to my crying boyfriend and kept trying to stab myself in the wrist with a plastic fork. Somehow, neither of them noticed. My boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever, but I have some crazy emotional problems. Not that they've been officially diagnosed, but I don't see anyone about it. Anyway, we both decided to quit drugs and alcohol on Sunday, at the beach while we waited for a memorial to start. I picked up those habits because I wanted to slowly kill myself. I still wish I could, which is why I'm always biting the inside of my cheek, or clawing my wrist, or digging my nails into my arm...I want to stop, because I don't want to end up scaring my boyfriend away. I need someone in my life that knows about what I'm goingthrough. I have gone through too much crap in my life already, I just want someone to talk to me about it...
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    talking to a professional is the best way to heal they will help you by giving you better coping skills hun without judgement
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    It's good that you are trying to quit cutting, but you are still hurting yourself and that's not good. It's good that you are talking to us here about it, but you could also benefit from seeing a counselor or therapist. I hope that you will be able to start feeling better soon.
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