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It's all good. In some ways I did take it personal, 20 people or so included, me the only one not, but in other ways it was the scenario I would not have gone if asked but being the only one left out...

I still would joke and kid with them but I never shared anything personal with them since I was not one of the crowd. Shortly after that time my mother had radiation for cancer and there was another person with family also going through cancer treatments and that person and I would talk about it because it was a shared experience in what was going on in our families and all. What I found funny was that the few that I worked closely with(all of us sat within 10 feet of each other) asked why I hadn't told them about it and I was just why would I? I just said that we work together, we have a professional and job only association. I am not one of you so why would I mention it to you?
No reason to mention traumatic experiences to anyone. Other than being understood. Maybe not by me but idk.

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