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R.i.p. D.w.


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found out a friend in my home town took his life a few weeks ago...
it took a week before the police could find out who he was...no-one missed him
he had family and everyone knew him....just no-one close enough to miss him..
I think it's so sad ...
this has brought home to me that is my fate also ..



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Hun it is not your fate. You have people here that care tremendously about you. You would be missed in a heartbeat. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I truly wish he had found a place like this. Maybe the outcome would of been different. It's sad but people tend to turn a deaf ear when someone is in so much pain that they contemplate or worse, commit suicide.


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thanks C...
it really is my fate though..no getting away from it.
the only person who would know I'm gone in RL would be my case worker
what a sad world it is

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