R.I.P Joe

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    Joe... :( it's one year today since you deicided taking your life was the best option everryone misses you so much. the way you left this shithole was brutal, you helped me over so much i wish i could have done same for you. if it wasn't for you i wouldn.t still be here so i wrote this for you joe R.I.P Babe never forggotten always remembered.

    As i look up to the sky above
    I think of you with undying love
    You was the smart one the one with tact
    You always said the right things and thats a fact

    But on that warm sunny June day
    You decided to take your life away
    So you held it to your head
    Thinking of it fills my heart with lead

    Joe you was a special person so true and kind
    I wish i could have turned back the hands of time
    Changed your childhood and your past
    Gave you a reason to hold on fast

    So as i lay here in my bed
    Thought's of you spin in my head
    Joe i'm miss and love you more each day
    Thoughts of you will never go away

    R.I.P Joe 1992-2007
  2. danni

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    becca :hug: I sorry to hear about your friend joe :hug:
  3. ScouseJM

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    Im sorry for your loss becca, may he rest in peace :hug:
  4. liveinhope

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    Im so sorry sweetie my thoughts are with you i know how painful having to live with loss can be
    take care becca
  5. resistance

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    Big hugs :hug: :hug: Lovely poem x
  6. famous.last.words

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    im so sorry for your loss hun. Thats a really beautiful poem
  7. Petal

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    I'm so sorry for your loss :hug: