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r.i.p marie

still not quite sure what happened to her:(

she was a really nice lady on a website i go on and she always had something nice to say, something helpfull, inspirational, or just was their to support you. no matter how small/ big the problem, marie was their.

woke up yesterday morning to read in my emails that she died in her sleep the night before.

she was only 23

all i know is that she had some kind of illness for months (no idea what kind of illness, but she was in hospital a lot)

r.i.p marie. you will be sorely missed..


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Always so sad when someone is so young.
Lovely tho that she will be remembered as someone who was kind and caring.


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so sorry you lost your friend..
she was so young but sounds like her kindness has touched your heart forever


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Im sorry you lost a great support for you, I hope that you take those memories and shove them in your pocket for later use.

RIP Marie, my thoughts are with you and your family.

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