R.I.P. me

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    I've lost my passion in life, it seems. I'm bored and I'm sleeping all the time, and I'm just failing to find the willpower to do anything these days. Used to like e-fedding (fantasy wrestling roleplaying). Don't want to do that anymore. Used to like drawing and painting. Don't want to do either of those things anymore. It's as though all of my excitement and all of my enthusiasm have just been sucked dry and all that's left is a zombie in its place, barely able to feed, wash and clothe itself. I'd say I want to die but I died a long time ago. I once prayed to God to help me be at my best so I could meet my true love. Look at me! I'm nowhere near my best! I'm a wreck at the moment. I've lost all joy. This is the worst I've ever been. Right now, it's like all I want to do is die and I'm half hoping that there's no afterlife just so I don't have to experience any more of this shit. Yeah, I'd welcome nothingness right now. I need an eternal nap. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon today. 3 o'fucking clock! My days are getting shorter and my nights are getting longer. I'm wondering how long is left before I just pass away out of boredom. Life wasted. At one point I had so much going for me but now? Meh! I broke my promise to myself that I would never end up like my brother but I'm even worse! At least he has a passion in his life with his band. I feel like I've reached the point of no return.
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    Have you reached out hun talk to your doctor about getting some help to just help you out of this downward spiral I hope so hun you can get feeling better hun with therapy with medicaiton do something ok don't stay where you are at hugs
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    Hi Save-me,
    It sounds like you are extremely depressed, I too have been like that sleeping the clock around. I did for nearly two whole years.
    I found doing new interests helped me, please go to your Dr for different treatment options.
    Have you tried other online gaming maybe? Some of the social ones perhaps?
    I'm sorry you're feeling so low right now, I can appreciate your feelings. I too wanted to give in, glad I didn't.
    Positive thinking did help me, try doing a little bit a day and going out so don't feel so isolated.
    Take Care