R.I.P Micheal

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  1. The day you left me my whole world feel away from my sleep i never ever thort u would take ur own life after everything we had been through!
    I love you micheal and you are my world and you not being here is killing me!
    If only i could of helped you or stoped you. or if only you would of talked to me!
    I dont understand i really dont there was my mum telling not to take my own life before my 21st brithday and then you took yours :( that was the worst birthday present ever my birthday will never ever be the same and then your family calling me murder i done nothing but look after you and do what i ment to do!
    I will always blame myself for you taken your life after everything we went through!
    I love you micheal my you rest in peace
  2. GreyCat

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    Thats really terrible about your friend. I'm sorry this has happened. You can't blame yourself for it though. You didn't do it. Your friend was ill, and he would not want you to blame yourself.
  3. flyingdutchmen

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    i am sorry :sad:
  4. Sadeyes

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    You loved this person deeply and would have never hurt him...he was troubled and he did not seek help...you could not have done that for him...please know that, although it hurt, it was not your fault...sorry for your loss..big hugs, J
  5. total eclipse

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    no you could not have stopped him he was too ill his depression took him away. I hope you have support to deal with all the pain i hope you can gat some grief therapy Just know okay nothing you could have done and he would not want you blaming yourself it was just his illness as Sadeyes says Sending lot of hugs your way :hugtackles::hugtackles: