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  1. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    She's gone,
    It's the end,
    No more talks,
    No more laughs,
    No more cries.
    No more shouts,
    No more hugs,
    No more lies..

    I never got to say goodbye,
    Why wasn't I here,
    Why was I shy?

    I thought it okay,
    To go out..
    To pretend it was all different..
    But in reality I was wrong.

    My place was here,
    By her side..
    Urging her on,
    To take the next stride..

    But now it's too late,
    She's gone,
    What am I to do,
    She was my endeavor.

    R.I.P. Ani.
  2. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    WOW!!!!!! that rocks, I totally disagree with you. This poem is NOT gay. It's good, you are a great person and great poet. :hug: :clap:
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