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    I see others posting pets, and since pets are loved ones, I have to leave a memorial for mine:

    Goldie & Whitie- (Fancy Goldfish) Died at 8 years after a freak accident w/ a heater

    Pepsi- (Albino Teddy Hamster) Died at 8months after my bird Petrie shoved him off a counter & broke his back

    Petrie- (Peach faced lovebird) Died at 14 years after a dog we rescued ate him

    Simone- (Black Bear Hamster) Died at 1 year old after surcomming to cancer

    Silver Spin- (AQHA X Thoroughbred) Died at 24 years old. One of many horses who surcame to Strangles after an affected horse was brought into the stable & not quarantened. This horse changed my life <3

    Chaos- (Iguana) Died at 1 year after a long battle with bone cancer

    Breeze- (Thoroughbred) Died at 16 years old. Autoposy showed that she had cancer developing in her ovaries.

    Abby- (Thoroughbred X AQHA) Died at 3 years old after suffering a massive stroke. I didn't own her, but I was the one who was at her side when I saw her flip over from having a seizure before the stroke. Sad part was, she was over worked by the owner who owned the above horse Breeze, before we received ownership. Abby didn't survive the stroke.

    Aramus aka Moosey- (Bouvier Des Flanders) Died at 9 years after a life long battle with cancer & an unknown disease. This dog was my world!! I got the call at work that he had crawled into the back field & "gone to sleep in heavens cradle". We got him at 8 weeks old, and learned he was sick soon after: the breeder offered to put him down & send us a new puppy but we refused to send him back and thus he was registered as Hugs&Kisses Aramus. He was the biggest cuddle bug!

    Buddy- (Andalusian X unknown) Age unknown. Again didn't own this horse but he was left abandoned at the stable I was riding at. He tested positive for West Nile Virus and we babied him till the day he passed into Heavens field.

    I love every single animal that passes through my life & I can't wait for the day to be reunited with them. Lots of animals that come to my family's ranch are rescued, and find a permanent home with us <3
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    That so sad..

    I've had many pets die.. I hate it when they do.. my dog just got hit by a car and broke his back today... I"m so sad.. he just died a few hours ago too :(
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    My dog just dies old age she was so loving like most animals. I wish i could take in every stray like your ranch does canadian runner.
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    :hug: I'm sorry for your losses x
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    I've dealt with a lot of deaths of animals. I have had a zoo in my house for years. I recently had to put my hamster down. You probably know the term. She had wet tail which infected her GI.

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