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    I have been through a lot in my life.... My mother died, dad was a drunk, been in care, foster homes, kids homes, sleeping rough, friends houses, hostels, being raped, severely abusive boyfriends - physical, mental and sexual, I have tried to end it a couple of times before, normally through drink and drugs, but twice through slitting wrists and once through trying to hang myself, from about the age of 13! However I am obviously here for some reason..... And at the moment my life has never been so good, but I have had a really tough time at work, I have Psorasis and arthritis starting, which is being made worse, and I am only 25. I know people that have had worse lives than I have in a round a bout way, but I'm finding it hard too cope again! I used to drink at least 6 litres of vodka a week, and cut down with no help from docs etc, but I don't sleep, i suffer major headaches and nosebleeds and I feel like I don't get any help from the doctors, and even though my new doctor is lovely, I don't feel like he listens.... I can't spek to my partner and have thought about joining websites like this before..... Ayone else out there feel the same? X
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    Hi i am sorry for all you have been through hugs. with regards to your doctor and not really hearing what you say. Can you write down everything you want doc to hear and give it to him'\her sometime getting the doc to read what you want it sinks in more. Just words that pinpoint what your needs are okay
    I think getting something for your depression get medical check up for headaches nosebleeds. Get the doc to listen okay get your needs met. therapy for your past abuse I hear you and i care and i do hope you get your doc to hear too hugs