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  1. BEE ENN

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    so im with a girl who i really love... met her online, been to see her and shes as lovely in real life as she is online... or was

    everything was fine till she went through something i wouldnt wish upon my own worst enemy... she totally blanked me, i thought it was over, i started trying to move on with someone else, then she came back... i ended up getting back with her and hurting the other person... lost a few so called friends because of it but it turns out they were backstabbers anyway.

    so some other girl told my gf a few months ago that she had feelings for her, and i almost lost her... i had a massive convo with her and sorted stuff and she came back to me.

    all was well and good, but slowly the "i love you" etc daily sort of affection wore off.

    i have no affection from her anymore and she thinks im pushy with affection to her (cause im trying to get some back).

    she talks to the other girl online still and i know she sometimes ignores me to speak to her, i dont think anythings going off but who can blame me for being paranoid

    i dont know what to do, my friends and even parents say im being a mug (i've lent her a lot of money in the past that ill prob never see again and i still do if shes in need).

    what would you lot do? i really dont want to finish it, cause i love her, but its driving me mad :(
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    Craig hun I think maybe its time to let go. If she has genuine feelings for you then she'll come back.

    And even if she doesn't, there are many other fish in the sea so to speak. I've not known you long but you seem to be brilliant, funny, kind and caring, those are traits women love.

    Give it some time and try not to let a relationship make you miserable, I know its hard to do but it can be done, I've done it myself.

    Please be good to yourself.

  3. I was going through the same situation you are in with my ex... turns out they we're seeing each other behind my back (they never actually slept together, just seen each other and kissed a couple of things), I thought the same thing... I'm just being paranoid... turns out I wasn't. We had a massive argument... broke up... he started seeing her within 24 hours of us breaking up... two weeks later she told him she loved him... it was obv going on sometime behind my back because noone falls in love after two weeks. It hurt at first us being over... but it got better... gets easier... I'm better off without him... and I think you would be better off without her. Sorry, I know that may not be what you want to hear, but its just what I think. Good Luck and stay strong! x
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