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Raar NHS (language warning)

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A set of fucking bureacratical two-faced bastards... Urgh!

They make me want to scream... I'm apparently high priority, I'm begging to see a psychiatrist, they make me wait about 6 weeks when I'll 'be contacted within 2 weeks'. Then I finally see someone who doesn't have access to my medical history, who wants to see me in 6 weeks, later cancels that appointment and increases it to 10! And I can't change it because I had to call earlier than a certain date... Which was during the staff's Christmas holidays.

And the diagnosis and treatment criterias... They always claim that they don't know everything about certain conditions, and that everyone is different, but to recieve treatment, or to even be taken seriously - we have to fall into line and jump through hoops to match criterias, to even be VIABLE for treatment!

I could rant for ages! So ignore this... its mainly self-indulgent :laugh:


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Nope not self indulgent, the truth...having worked for the NHS most of my life, I can tell ya its no better for the staff...someone should go postal on the bloody managers..bunch of wanker beaurocrats!!!!!!! :mad:


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Mental health services in the NHS are absolutely appalling. There are severe staff shortages, not enough funding and no one in management really gives a fuck about mental health issues because it doesn't involve a government target.

Oh, and you're right Dev....it;s not better for the staff. In the whole of December I got one meal break on time and finished my shift on time twice.

Eg. Started at 7am....supposed to have 30 min meal break between 11am and 1pm. Was on my way back at 14:20...call over radio...."Got a blue baby round the corner...can you deal?"....how the fuck do you say no, I'm hungry and feeling sick and faint to that???
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