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    Hello all,

    I'm not sure whether it's allowed or not; To talk about Racism, that is. But i'm willing to try. If however a talk like this is forbidden, feel free to point this out. Thank you in advance.

    A note beforehand; This thread // topic is NOT meant to flame. I expect that any of you will respect and abide by this one rule. Ofcourse it's common sense, that you'll respect your fellow users. I'll expect all of you to do so. Thank you in advance, once again.

    Alright, to get to the point of this thread.

    What's your thought about Racism? I've been following a show, and 'Racism' has been a centre point in it. What I mean to say is. It's a common subject, and brought up frequently in a multitude of situations. While this topic isn't meant to talk about a show, I did need some kind of introduction. Anyhow, enough of this and that.

    I'd like to ask a few question to everyone of you. Yes, also the ones who are only reading the thread and normally wouldn't reply. It'd be appreciated, just to let you all know. Please be honest though, if you don't want to tell something, it's fine. Just don't lie about it, doesn't get us anywhere. It's a serious topic, if you wish to lie, do it elsewhere. Hope that's understandable.

    Question ::
    What's your opinion on Racism? Are you a Racist yourself? If so, what drives you? OR; Are you against it?

    Question ::
    Imagine being deeply in love with someone from another country. Would you marry your partner, even if your religion and family would vote against it?

    There are more questions though, but i'm running short on time. I'll add more on the go. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reply. It'd be much appreciated! I'll answer this thread when I get back.

    Thanks for your time,
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  2. nolonger

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    I'm not racist.

    So I'm obviously against it...and most of society is too.

    I would marry my partner from another country if I was in love with them. I'm not religious so that wouldn't get in the way, and I'm pretty sure my family wouldn't give a crap if I married a 'non-australian'. That and I can't get legally married in my country at this point in time and then you'd have to consider what the other person's family is thinking.

    Discrimination of any kind is just pointless in my eyes. There's other things to worry about besides someone being black, gay or jewish.

    PS - Completely unrelated to this thread but I lol'd when the redneck got mauled by zombies in Read Dead :)
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  3. SmolderingIce

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    I'm not a racist. I also don't think that I'm against it, either.. Not that I think that it's good, racism just never affects me. I never think about it. It doesn't really exist here where I am.
    Racist people are just looking for closure.. They need to point out other people's differences to make themselves fit in a little better. To be a bit more normal, whatever that is, and accepted. They try to be funny, by making fun of someone else. And the followers of society do what they do best; laugh along.

    Yes. I'd marry them. (provided I had feelings towards people, but that's another issue entirely) If I find something as sacred as love, I'm never letting go.
  4. TheMusicMan

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    I am absolutely not racist, and do not tolerate it from anyone else! Judging people based on the colour of their skin is just ludicrous. However unconscious stereotyping is unavoidable. For example if you see someone with a baseball cap, a hoody and smoking you unconsciously make up a profile of him in your head. You may believe him to be rough or violent or unpleasant even when you know nothing about the man. The problem comes when you discriminate and act upon your prejudices, like bullying or shouting racial slurs. That is what I can't tolerate. With a little common sense you can reason with yourself that you know nothing about them so don't judge them!

    Also if there's no valid reason why I shouldn't marry her then I would have no problem going against my family or religion. They should just learn to accept it :)

    By the way thanks for the thread!
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  5. Johnnyc

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    I'm not and never will be racist unless hating racist people is in some way a rasist.
    As for the question of marriage, I never plan getting married so that ones out, but if I did race would not be a problem.

    I used to work for some people that where very racist and tried to push their racism on me even know I would not have it.
    These people hated everyone except whites and would use every derogatory term known to describe different people in different races, the things that were said sicken me.

    What I could never figure out how these people could be so full of hate yet claim to be very religious kind people.
  6. Akita

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    It's far beyond my understanting how people could hate other people just because of how they were born. We don't choose to be born the way we are...
  7. BP#1

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    I feel you should do whatever you feel's right. Don't take anything anyone says to heart.... You sound so vulnerable to what others say. That's their opinion and perhaps it's not right, they are entitled to it. You are entitled to shrug your arms and say 'what ever.'
  8. Staysuplate

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    1. This is tricky for me, because I forget what the word racism means exactly. I do know I form and make certain assumptions based on peoples skin color depending on where I am. Its usually not in any negative context though, and something else will be apparent too. Like if I saw an African American or Eastern European person walking down my street looking lost, I'll probably go and ask them if they are, because based on their appearance and knowledge of my own street, I would think they are lost. Where as if they were Polynesian I wouldn't really notice at all.

    I dislike racism as its most commonly applied and defined, as a negative, and its something that makes me extremely sad. Older relatives on both sides of my family were racist, ironically towards each other's opposing race. I think its both just a lazy way to insult and offend people and also a serious way to really put hooks into a person to bring them down. I do think that people go about handling racism incorrectly as well. People I think can give racism and racists power by handling them incorrectly. I think its a subject that should be spoken about more often and openly as well.

    I really like that so many people in the world look so differently to me. Differences should be celebrated, I tend to think, that very racist people may have confidence and security issues, or some unfortunate life experiences that have affected them.

    2. This one is easy, well, actually maybe complicated, lol, if my partner wanted to get married, then yes, even against my family and religion, and friends were against it, especially if it was for racial reasons, I would ignore them. It helps I am not religious, and I only really care about my sister and she is like me, of mixed race so I couldn't imagine her being against me here. If my friends were then it would be a sign to me, to get new friends.
  9. Suizide

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    I am a White Nationalist, though not hateful and racist like so many would like to automatically label me. I am against any "hatred" that is unwarranted but I also love my people and believe all people have that right to want to protect their own. I see my race as my extended family and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I could honestly never be attracted to someone else of another race, it's jut not in me but if you truly love someone and where they're from or what the look like has nothing to do with it, go for it. As for your family, if they have strong beliefs of not race-mixing, I can understand that but that doesn't mean they don't love YOU.
  10. WildCherry

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    Question ::
    What's your opinion on Racism? Are you a Racist yourself? If so, what drives you? OR; Are you against it?

    No, I'm not a racist. Unfortunately, my family is, and that's been a huge issue between me and them for ages, to the point where I lost contact with them all and we didn't communicate for years. I'm completely against racism.

    Question ::
    Imagine being deeply in love with someone from another country. Would you marry your partner, even if your religion and family would vote against it?

    If I was truly in love with that person, I would marry him no matter what my family thought. I haven't been in that exact situation, but it's been close; I've dated a guy outside my race before. If my happiness actually matters to my family, they'll put their differences aside and be there. If they're not, I'll get along without them.
  11. Stranger1

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    I'm against racism.. My grandauter is half white and half black.. She is a beautiful inteleget young lady.. I love her with all my heart..When I was in the Marine Corp I fell in love with a Phillopino.. At the time the military was against marriages between the troops and civilians..It hurt but I had to let her go...
  12. LogDork

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    I'm not racist at all.My mother is racist, but dosnt recognize it. She will make the worst remarks, embaresses everyone, not notice at all.
    My brother in law is an interesting guy. West Pointer. His dad was a black army officer stationed in japan, in the 50s I suppose, his mom is Japanese.