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    I am so sick of racism in the world. Im so sick of it im ready to end my life. I feel sorry for all the black people and jews and people perseuted against. This is racist of me to say but this had made me come to the conclusion that all white people ae racists. I know there not but thats what it seems like. If you are not racist could you please post up. Imagine going somewhere, a store, game, anywhere, and know people are going to be against you for your skin color. No matter where you go having to deal with the same crap over and over for no reason. Its a terrible plague to have. Put yourelf in a minorities shoes. You go anywhere and people automatically just hate you. No matter where you go. No matter what you do. I hate it and im not living with it anymore.
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    I'm white and not racist, but just to add to the statement, white people aren't the only racist people around. I met a new friend last summer who told me he goes to a mostly all black school and he is white. He said up there is kind of being like down here with the racism, only it's everyone racist against him for being white instead of vice versa.
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    i'm white and im not a racist. all i care about is whether or not the person is nice to me, not their skin color or ethnicity.
  4. Blackness

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    just for you to say that makes you racist. You have generalised alot and black people can be racist too.

    Personally I think everyone is racist.
  5. RCC

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    That is quite possibly the dumbest thing, I've ever read. White people are easily the least racist, white Europeans are without a doubt the most tolerant people in the world.

    You need to stop watching MSNBC.

    To be honest, I am racist... I hate the race of morons.

    I haven't been to Harlem or Compton before.

    For real? Does this mean, for the time I "empathize", that the Democrats will be kissing my ass and/or treat me like I'm 5?

    You say you hate racists, then you say all white people are racist. This plus, that, equals; You hate white people.
    You're a racist.

    Edit; I'd just like to add, if this was me, a white guy, saying that I hate black people. I would be banned.
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    true true and true.
    good post RCC
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    I agree. Everyone's a little racist, or at least prejudiced. Whether they're aware of it or not. It's really very hard not to be.
  8. KPT monster

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    For one, I would like to say that im sorry becuase I realize that my post is hypocritical. I dont like racism in general but I put out the typicial Minorities vs Whites. I really mean to say I hate Racism period. I hate how society accepts the C word but not the N word. I hate how blacks are discriminated against in unobvious ways. I hate how arabs are stereotyped as terrorists. I hate how (which I am guilty of) all white people are sterotyped as racists. So therefore I am sorry to everyone who I offended.
  9. RunningAway

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    KPT :hug:

    You find discrimination everywhere. Including on forums and irl. It just seems unavoidable nowadays and is not taken seriously when it DOES happen anymore. You didn't offend me.

  10. noplacetogo

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    KPT monster, I empathize with you 100%. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about people treating you different for no apparent reason other than because your skin is of a different color. It happens all the time even still in this day and age. It's not overt like it was only about a decade ago, but instead it's become hidden, woven into the seams of society. And the sad thing is, a lot of the generations coming up now don't see it, especially if they're white. I'm not trying to bash anyone who's white, I'm just saying it's really hard to see the rascism when you've never had to deal with that sort of discrimination. I'm not saying white people don't get discriminated against either, just merely stating that it's a different world when you're a minority. The philosopher W.E.B. Du Bois put it best when he spoke of double consciousness...it's the philosophy that people of color have to live with two, sometimes opposing views of him/herself; you are inside yourself(as everyone is), but are also always conscious of the way the white world sees you outside of yourself. It's like being forced to watch a comedy show that's making fun of who you are 24/7. if you are a minority or are sensitive to injustice, it really is hard not to come to that sort of conclusion you stated KPT, but i know you are just angry, and so am I. It really is enough to make you want to kill yourself.

    And RCC, the statement you made about not been to Harlem or Compton and about democrats kissing minority's asses is stereotyping, racist and offensive.
  11. thedeafmusician

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    You cant avoid discrimination. If you dont want any at all, then just eliminate the entire human race while you're at it. as has been said, everyone is at least a little racist or prejudiced; its just the way we are designed and it cannot be helped. The people who are really over the top with racial comments I cant stand, but to be honest you just learn to not listen to them. It makes you stronger for it.

  12. danni

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    ...i'm white and i'm not against anyone.
  13. Sarah

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    i agree wholeheartedly kpt.recently some people in my apartment complex have stopped a new tenant from coming in just because he is black. he's been in jail but not for anything having to do with harming others or anything like that.they spread lies about him and constantly badgered the others tenants so much with them so they started believing the lies.they made the atmosphere so bad that the landlord had to find a reason not to let him in even though he new the new tenant isnt dangerous.They did this only because he is black. im jewish what are they going to do to me if they find out?
  14. Puddytat

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    im white, i cant say im not racist to a degree, i think everyone is in some respect but i dont even think you can class it as racism. everyone has the right to like or dislike who they want on whatever grounds they want, its not about being racist, its just your preference. i dont hate any race but i sure as hell wouldnt date a black or a chinese or an indian, not because i have anything against them, just because im attracted to white people. im not going to appologise for it. i have plenty of diverse cultured friends whom are great people. i dont shun them or treat them any differently to white people. my only problem is (and i dont think you can class this as racism) the different types of people in the race. its more like what rcc said about the race of morons. for instance you get really great black people but then you get the real flippen K***** that just give a bad name to the rest of the race. the same can be said about any culture. but i dont generalise and say that the entire race is bad just because of a few ppl.
  15. I'm white, and hate everyone equally. Just a certain thing a race does ruins it for everyone... aka 911...
  16. Esmeralda

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    For fuck's sake. Most of you here are proving the point of the original poster. Here's my take on the matter. I don't care what race you are...although I sometimes find myself (a "white" girl) falling prey to reverse racism, in the sense that I tend to be MORE sympathetic and MORE understanding towards people of other races and cultures. I know this is wrong, because it amounts to pity, and no-one wants that.

    I do not believe in affirmative action because I think it is also reverse racism. It was necessary in the '60's, but not now.

    I believe in pride from whence one came, but when it comes to certain orgs., (see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) they divide more than they unite. These people and orgs. make their money off of perpetrating the idea that whites are racist and such, calling attention to their own race, etc. This bugs me. Be proud of who you are, celebrate your culture, but do NOT try and stir the pot by assuming that everyone is racist. And do NOT say that you don't "see color". That is just stupid.

    Can we not for ONE MOMENT celebrate the diversity in the world? Can we not for one second see people for who they are without labeling them?

    People will say that blacks commit more crimes. Crime is a (say it with me) SOCIOENONOMIC issue and has NOTHING to do with race or creed. Poor people commit crimes, period. Poor people are under-educated, period. Poor people have less access to the things everyone else takes for granted. Blacks in the US commit more crimes because they are more impoverished. They got a slow start in this country as a result of slavery and so blacks in general are "behind" where economics are concerned. If you look at poor white people, they commit as many if not more crimes than blacks.

    And saying someone is "African American" just because they are black is also racist. NEWSFLASH! There are many other countries aside from Africa that produce people with a darker skin-tone.

    I personally think (at least here in the US) that things are really looking up. I will not tolerate racism from my friends and I will not associate with racists. In fact, most true racists (white racists in the US) are from a lower economic/educational bracket anyway and need someone to look down upon.

    In modern society, among educated intelligent people, racism is unacceptable and a sign of extreme ignorance. It's essentially classism, which is a completely different issue. Some people are just too stupid to realize it.

    Please don't harm yourself because you are distraught about racism. We NEED more people like you who recognize the stupidity of racism to change the world and the way people think, not less. Simply by not being one of those ignorant slobs is enough to make a difference in the way 1 or 2 people think, and this is how we affect change...little by little. You are doing your part by just being alive and aware.
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    I'm a white person and I'M NOT a RACIST.

    My ex is mixed race, because I was dating him I was attacked by black people for dating someone who wasn't my race, was this racism on my part or there's?

    My closest friend at school was black, but to me the colour of her skin didn't matter, she could have been green, purple, blue I wouldn't and don't care.

    My friend was murdered in 1992 by a group of black youths, he was white he was murdered for standing at a bus stop ~ Was this a racist attack black on white?

    Yes white people kill, taunt, harass black people, people of different origins, religions but then so do black people kill people of different belives, cultures etc.

    I don't appreicate someone saying that all white people are racist, that's the same as saying all muslim people are suicide bombers... you can't take a small minority of people and use that against the rest of the world to do so makes u small minded.

    *the emotion of hate is a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action*

    Please don't brand everyone as a racist its people like you that racism will always be a problem in this sad, pathetic world.
  18. expressive_child

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    I guess its always wrong to generalize things like 'race A are all racist people' etc etc. While I admit racism exist, but that happens to everyone and I mean everyone, whether directly or indirectly. Maybe it affects certain people more so than certain people but to use the world 'all' is too strong and definitely offensive. You got to be more considerate with your words friend.
  19. lost_child

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    suicide_ideation, if your going to post and admit to being a racist u should at least have the guts to leave it up and not edit it.

    I thought this was a support forum, not a lets start a political debate on racism, and make people who have been victims off racism feel even worse, or feel that everyone is the same..how can anyone whose a victim on racism expect to get any support from here.

    Some people don't seem to realise how damaging racism, bulling, abuse is to someone..
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    I realise there have been calls to lock this thread, and I will bring this up with the other staff.
    However, upon reading the thread in it's entirety, it was starting off as a rant, and now it's descended into squabbling and insults - can we keep the thread a bit more pleasant?