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  1. Since someone said if you want to debate on racism put it in the soapbox, then we can debate freely... So are you a victim of racism? What do you think of racists, even if you want to call them that? It's just like a religion... If you think about it=)
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I don't find anything wrong with them.
    This is a free world, people may think as they like.
    I have been called racist many times, I dont care, I am patriotic.
  3. I'm not a big fan of multiculturalism. I mean, I don't like rednecks, either.

    Multiculturalism is just another problem caused by capitalism.

    Different people lived in different parts of the world. Why now, mix them all up, all over the place, and kill their respective cultures, and break their bonds amongst their own people.

    Recipe to fuk-up the world, mix people up, concentrate them in big cities and then divide them through capitalism. What you get is wary and cold/distant people, with no shame. And you can blame prostitution and porn, directly for this.

    I believe in communist dictatorships.

    I'm just so perfect what can I say. In this fucked-up world, it's only logical that I'm the radical one. You just label me that.

    And please don't comment on multiculturalism if you're of mixed background, cuz you obviously have a bias.
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  4. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    you said that well :) and dont forget globalisation.
  5. I just hate how everyone blames this, or that person for being racist, begging for sympathy, Like there the only ones who experience racism. They think that just because white people are white they don't experience it. No one can ever fix racism, it will always exists, because "hate lasts longer then dislike". Sure you can say that other people then white people experience it more often, but that's just where your from... It's stupid for hating a person of a different color without getting to know them, but it is easer for them to associate them with the wrongs that the race has done before. I will admit when I see a black person I think, "I'm going to get jumped, mugged, etc..." When I see an "Arab" I think, wow there people just blew up our World trade center. I hate certain sub subcategories in a certain race... White=hic Blacks=bann mexicans=bann
    bann= probably deleting my post if I say it. I hate those people of the race not just the race in general, aka those people ruin it for everyone...
  6. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I'm only racist because I hate the fact that my country is being inundated by fucking foreigners and they're slowly taking over the cities. There are some places where you walk down the street and fear for your safety because all the people there are fucking arabs or asians or some shit.
    People should just stick to their own countries, mixing races=social differences=racism=conflict
  7. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I have to live with a racist, who acts like he dosen't know better when he does. He just uses this method to release his anger. How can I live w/ him? Toleration is the key, not to tolerate his idiocy.....but to tolerate other ethnicities. That's how I know that he is wrong, while I am right. Race is never an issue w/ me.....the way people act is the problem.
  8. I'm with Blackness on this one.

    I guess I'm racist. I don't care how we fix these problems you're talking about. I'd rather we just don't live together. Cuz, it's just impossible.

    And of course there's good blacks, and demented whites, and vice versa. I just think we have less problems, when we don't mix people up. I think mixing people up, is a capitalistic tool, of control and exploitation, but anyways.

    Immigration is bad. Because of what I said in my first post.

    As for Native Americans and Blacks in the USA. It's a different story. I cannot justify what the Europeans did. But, let's put it into context. They were the world's most advanced people, and they explored and discovered and colonized foreign land. Cuz they could. And if any other race could have, they would have. So they fought the natives, and they imported african slaves. They never intended or envisionned giving blacks any rights, ever. But with time, I guess Americans evolved, and that's good.

    I don't approve of social darwinism, as you all know, if you read my other posts. But in this case isn't this survival of the fittest? With semi-evolved, middle-age people? You hypocrit you?

    I also don't believe in giving foreign professionals, jobs, even if they're more competent, in our nations, before our own people gets them. We're one people, and we worked together to get where we are, and we as a people should benefit from this. We can't just take people out of their world and import them to our world, let them evolve alone. My people is gonna get the job first, always. But as I said we broke our bonds amongst our own people. And we're losing our culture.

    Also, keep in mind I'm an apatheist communist with strict morals based on unsefishness, so don't confuse me for a redneck.

    So I don't approve of Americans exercing their control, cuz they can, and exploit foreign people either.

    I don't believe in dominating the world, and using people as sheep.

    Before anything I'm a communist.

    Amen. This was impulsive with lots of grammatical errors, but as long as you got the essence of my message, it's good.

    Amen, and thank you Jesus.
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  9. I'm also not an American.

    And even tho white supremacists can sometimes be really neurotic, and really racist, and etc. Blablabla. I like how they wanna preserve their culture and etc. Even if some are a bit conservative or capitalist. I don't know that I entirely hate David Duke, per example. He seems decent, tho his past is questionable.

    See, I'm not trying to be moderate here, I just don't care as much about this issue I guess as communism. I'm usually radical to the max.

    As for Black Africans, I feel for them. I'm very much against slavery, but I want them to know that their original ancestors, i mean their original peoples, were as demented as the white slave-buyer. Cuz they sold them. If I were a black american, i wouldnt have any affiliation with africa or even america. I support some of them wanting to make their own land in the USA. Whats his name, that radical black guy? Malcolm X, is someone I admire. And who else, Al Sharpton. Smart guy.

    See, I support and like radical whites and radical blacks. I don't like these people that wanna live together.

    If you wanna mix people up, I can become really radical.
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  10. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Whymewhy is the only person speaking any sense here. The rest of you are ignorant imperialists who have no ability to adapt to change or to other cultures. I cannot believe that in 2007, such racism and intolerance abounds. You're all saying that because we come from different cultures and different countries that we should not even bother trying to get along? Guess what? For those of you from the US, you were ALL foreigners 200 years ago, so I don't want to hear this shit. The only reason "whites" are the dominant race here is because you learned what you could from the Native Americans and then gave them blankets covered in smallpox to eradicate them and claim this territory as your own. That's a really proud heritage we have going on here.

    Yes, the African Kings and Queens were wrong to sell their own people into slavery, but that is no excuse for taking the slaves and treating them like garbage. Try reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin"...if you think black racism against whites can even compare to this then please let me know. If you in your life or anyone of your supremely white decent have ever experienced this kind of hatred and indignity and malice then please let me know.

    You throw these people into the gutter, treat them like animals and then expect them to act like Harvard graduates. The amazing thing is, I know some people who have risen above this and actually graduated from Harvard.

    The ignorance of this thread is almost not worth responding to, but for the sake of any minorities reading this, I feel that I must. Once the white Europeans eradicated the Native Americans and enslaved the blacks, we are suddenly superior...why exactly? Why should we be separated? Because whites cannot possibly be intelligent, understanding and adaptable enough to get the idea that maybe, just maybe everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves on an individual level based on intellect and spirit? But you can't handle that can you. It would fuck up your lovely white little world if people of another color actually managed to make something of themselves and move into your lovely white picket-fenced neighborhood where all the people and houses look exactly the same.

    Remember that when your families came to the US, they were poor and ridden with fleas and scurvy, starving to death and the only people who had the decency to help them were the very people your ancestors systematically killed in order to mine gold in the Americas and take over a country that had been nothing if not benevolent to them. And you people have the fucking gall to act as a moral majority and tell other impoverished and oppressed people that they have no right to be here?

    You make me fucking sick to my stomach.
  11. I can always anticipate what Anastasia will say, and I always know I'm not gonna agree.


    I think she worships Ayn Rand.
  12. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Anastasia: have you been subjected to racism personally? are you of a migrant family?
    I'm interested.
  13. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Nope. I'm white as white can be without being an albino. One of my best friends was subjected to "beat up a white kid day" at school and I know blacks who were also subjected to terrible racism and rose above it to become very successful. Racism is the height of ignorance, intolerance and stupidity. We are all individuals who deserve individual treatment. Anything else just perpetuates this madness.
  14. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    BTW, I don't read Ayn Rand.
  15. I couldn't disagree more with anything Anastasia, usually says. And I can't think of a more perfect incarnation of what I most despise in this world.

    It's really fascinating, haha. She only likes and cares about the ambitious who succeed.

    I think, tho, I once read something that she said that made some sense. When she said that we can all improve, to some degree.

    Other than that, it's all SELFISH rubbish. Haha.

    At least she acknowledges that. Like some are sometimes born rich, and are 'gifted' in this world, as it is, in many ways. So these people don't overcome a lot, it's all handed to them, more or less. While others have to struggle like crazy to just survive, cuz of many factors, and many disadvantages. And they're judged and treat like garbage, by capitalists like her. And she's supposedly a Christian.

    Anastasia likes ayn rand, satanism, individualism, and capitalism.

    And she's absorbed in these thoughts, and close-minded in this way. And when she talks, it's only her that makes any sense.

  16. RunningAway

    RunningAway Well-Known Member

    suicide_ideation... Why do you feel it necessary to attack people here? Anastasia has not done you any harm that I know of? If you do not like someone, do the adult thing - which is NOT irrationally attacking individuals.

    As far as racism goes - I detest racists. We are all humans - of equal value and ability in different areas of life. We may have different colours and backgrounds and religions - but no one human is better because of these things.
  17. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Really? Because I think everyone should be able to live in harmony without being judged by race or color or does this make me a selfish Capitalist?

    Yes, some people are born rich and shouldn't be punished for it. Likewise, some are born poor and should not be punished for that. Everyone should be treated equally, and people should be able to live in harmony with one another. Equal taxes, equal treatment, equal penalties for wrongdoing. We are human beings and should be able to accept and integrate other races and individuals into our cultures and lives without it being a monumental accomplishment.

    SI, you see what you want to see. You are an elitist which makes YOU the Satanist, not me. Check out the real definition of Satanism and you will (hopefully) understand.

    You have your own issues which I will not even attempt to identify because I am not a psycholigist or a psychiatrist for that matter.

    Hate me all you want...I'm right. And I will continue to be right. Your morals are far from perfect, far from compassionate and far from good.

    You have much to learn from this life.
  18. hahahahahaha

    It's not a fair race, then would you agree, that then you have an immense advantage if you start off rich and healthy. And that basically all you have to do is advance and enjoy life. While others have to struggle, cuz they're not equipped properly for this stupid world.

    Isn't the most compassionate thing to accomodate and help people?

    I'm not compassionate?????? HAHAHA

    I don't exist, I'm selfless. I don't care about me. I wanna live for others, and that's not good or compassionate. Hahahaha, you're a materialistic, superficial, ambitious, judgemental capitalist. You only care about your own life. You have the 'prosperous Christian' mentalitity. HAHAHA.

    You again avoid everything I say, because it was supposed to open your eyes, and make you realize things. But instead you've dismissed this and continued to ramble, form ur own close-minded perspective. And youre gonna continue doing this. Cuz u rationalize like any ________.


    This girl is unbelievable.

    And for the guy that told me, whatever he said... See, in my head I'm a genius, the biggest the world has seen. And I only expect people to worship me, and i feel insulted that ud tell me that, or give me any advice, cuz im perfect, im selfless. I think u also felt to tell me that, cuz u obviously disagree with me. U cannot win this game of chess, with me. Play with anastasia.

    Thank you Jesus. Amen.
  19. paying equal taxes, hahahahaha.

    the top 1% owns 30% and they should pay the same tax the bottom 40% that owns 1% pay. hahhahahahaha

    hahahhahaha, ur good for a laugh.
  20. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Why is everyone slamming "whites"
    do you think they are the only racist people in the world?!
    Don't generalise, blacks and yellows can be just as bad.
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