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  1. woke up
    from a dream of terror
    revisited these 10 years

    thirsting for a release
    from this phantasm
    that haunts my every step

    the only salvation
    lays in this small commodity
    hatred swelling

    waiting to burst
    draining my feelings

    i want to forget
    to run and never look back...

    1986-1996, another angel has fallen :(
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  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    The true testimony to your friend is how much you care...I am hoping that another person gets the honor of you caring about him/her like that someday...big hugs,Jackie
  3. Now it makes sense - I read your other thread in Loved and Lost. This is for you Wolf Spirit, who has a long memory, and much love. Julian is at peace...


    * * *
    Echo of resounding sorrow
    The dread of yesterday as tomorrow
    Eardrum bursting
    Blood pounding
    Heart breaking
    Soul aching
    The sound that will not stop
    This tormenting
    memory that haunts
    Unable to let go
    it taunts
    This loss I cannot reckon with
    as the chasm beckons
    Pain is here again,
    Grief is beating at my door
    till I can’t take the sound anymore
    Incessant it devours
    brought on in these
    darkening hours
    of oncoming November
    As I try to describe it
    I don’t know where or how it ends…
    But I will try to accept a little help
    from my friends

    * * *
    "Love you with Razor Blades

    Remember to believe in Magic, or I'll kill you. "

    Love you with band aids...
    and it's magic to know you brave one!
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  4. thank you :hug:

    today is a bad day, but I'll pet my dogs and give joe-joe a big woofy hug

  5. You're most welcome... Thanks for the chat yesterday, meant a lot. My computer is fried (yes - the NEW one!)(It never ends...) so I'm at the library. Had to get my fix of "contact" - say hi - and yes, thanks...

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Not open for further replies.