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  1. Emerald Hyperion

    Emerald Hyperion Sorta Well-Known Member

    RAGE - By Emerald Hyperion

    Loneliness. Abuse. Invisible.
    Forgotten. Ignored. Used.
    Pain. Emptiness. Tears.
    My blood boils. My heart aches.
    Bottling up my anger. Ready to maim. Prepared to kill.
    But he's happy! Look at how happy he is!
    They have no clue. They don't even see. They ignore my cries.
    Beneath this false smile lies an undermining scowl.
    Behind the looking glass remains a scarred soul.
    But he's joyful! Listen to his laughter!
    The fools see the illusion. The wise see the truth.
    My skin a shade of crimson. My veins pulsing in agitation.
    I stomp through life dismayed. I trudge through the tunnels blindly.
    I dream of bringing down wrath. I fantasize of releasing explosive fury.
    But he's jolly! Watch his radiant smile grow wider!
    I am only happy when its justified. I am only angry where its required.
    I am only sad when its necessary. I am only envious when I am compelled.
    My smile is as bright as the sun. My misery is as dark as the moon.
    Tricks to the masses. Tribulations to my soul.
    Trades to the demanding. Trepidation to my heart.
    They see a delightful idiot. I see an agonizing spirit.
    A ghastly ghost that goes unheard. A merry minstrel performing for the people.
    A melancholy masquerade for them. A bittersweet banquet for me.
    An angry avenger with no hope. A raging revenant with no peace.
    Look at me sigh. Look at me cry.
    Look at me scream. Look at me yell.
    But continue to see my facade, and yet disregard my plight.
    I am angry. I am lost.
    I am an angel. I am a demon.
    But he's happy! No you fool, I am despondent.
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  2. Emerald Hyperion

    Emerald Hyperion Sorta Well-Known Member

    Man, my poetry skills have completely gone to shitsville since I've graduated from high school. Something really stupid has upset me today and I wrote this while enraged the entire time, something I haven't experienced in several months. It took everything in my power not to throw my chair across the room and clocking someone in the face.

    Anyway, this poem is supposed to reflect my internal anger and struggles to hide my true feelings from the public, which in turn has led me to wanting to open the cork my bottled up wrath and let it loose faster than a college virgin at a spring break party. I apologize for the horrible poetry. But you can clearly see why I haven't written any in so long. Quite frankly, it fucking sucks. I'm like a ghetto William Shakespeare. Sans the ability to put my thoughts into proper words.

    So yeah... I'm pissed at the moment. I'll feel better later.
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