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    You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of meeting the wrong kind of crowd and getting involved in their awful ways. I feel like a sign is hung on me that says "Hey! Since I'm not an average human being, you can use me and give me a bad reputation and I won't care at all!". NO! NO YOU FUCKIN CAN'T! I'M SICK OF IT! People call me a bitch all the time. Well you wanna know why I'm such a bitch? I have to be cause every time I'm a decent human being I get stomped all over and used! I'd much rather be hated and respected than loved and trashed. Why even talk to me if you don't care about me or like me!? Seriously, you're as pathetic as I am if you waste your time with me and don't even like me. Why don't you go join the rest of your 'daffodils' and 'Einsteins' and let me be with people who actually do care about me? My mother always tells me to be more social, but whenever I am more social and meet people, I somehow get involved with the wrong crowd. I even had to tell my mother one time that a friend kept talking about knocking me up soon. I'm 15 years old! ONE OF MY OWN FRIENDS. Of course we aren't friends anymore though and I don't let nobody harm me in that way. I am guilty of doing one thing though.. Sexting. An ex friend of mine kept pressuring me to do it, so I foolishly gave in -_-. Turns out half the time it was his girlfriend checking his phone, so I got busted and humiliated on so many levels. And what did he do about it? He smarted off and said "Shouldn't sin Miranda". I was like "YOU STUPID A$$HOLE!". I still feel bad about what I did though and feel like it was my fault mainly, especially with him having a girlfriend. I wasn't gonna include that in this rant but its been bottled up for a while now. After that, it seemed like I started to get a 'cheap easy slut' title. Thats not who I am! God I'm so tired of meeting people who humiliate me and give me a bad name! :cry:
    Its gotten to a stage where I'm paranoid and frightened to meet new people unless they are on here cause I trust this site. I'll say this though, I'm not gonna be as sweet and easily fooled as I was before after this day.

    So yeah, sorry about the language and sorry if I'm not allowed to talk about what I mentioned. By the way, if somebody has even been in my position before or currently is, you can talk about it if you want to. I love hearing from people that have been through what all I have.
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    I'm learning the same thing, to be selfish and be a bitch 'cause when your nice, somehow people think that gives them the right to walk all over you....

    that bitch who did this to you should be ashamed...I mean she'd the person who pressured you into it, that's molesting even if its a female, so I would say loud and proud that she has issues if she needed to sextalk a friend of her boyfriend, that is just gross...what is she a lesbian? I would hurt her just as much as she hurt you...she doesn't deserve to get out of it scott free...

    and that guy's who's supposed to be your friend? some friend he is, he should be ashamed and well ask questions about his weird girlfriend...'cause obviously its not going well if she has to impersonate him on his phone to get sex talk with other girls...they have a shitty relationship and they have to put other people down to feel better...that's sick and disgusting...to be honest, those people are losers...don't bother with them...

    I know its hard being a teen, having to go to school with so many losers all at once, but trust me once you're out of there, you'll be better than they will ever be...
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    Yeah they were both pathetic, I wont lie on that. I run into so many pathetic people it isn't funny. By the way, she was straight, but perhaps she has a lezbo side? XD Plus she was ignorant as well as he was.
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    -hopes nobody minds me adding on to this instead of making a separate thread-

    I'm so sick of myself that it isn't funny. I think other people are to. Every time I go somewhere, everyone looks at me funny and either laughs, talks to me like I'm a 5 year old, or makes remarks about my pessimistic attitude. I was in Walmart today and some guy told me I was a 'Rude and Unthankful bitch". I wasn't even saying or doing anything except telling my mother to hurry up back into line cause she kept waddling off random places (I say waddle cause shes pregnant and does that). I also got a bit stressed out about her putting off stuff for the baby. I kept telling her we have plenty of money and to buy whatever she needed now cause the baby is due in a couple of weeks and could come even before then. Shes like "Shut the hell up! I got this under control!". My god she doesn't even have a car seat for the baby to come home in yet! Not even a room fixed up for her to be in! Everything she needed was for a good and low price today but she kept being picky and was like "Nope! Not the style I want!" or "Nope! One of my friends has a used one of this thats cheaper!". I don't know, perhaps its a pregnant mothers instinct thing. I personally am the type of person that likes to get stuff over with and go with what I can before its gone. But anyways.. It doesn't end there.. I bought an awesome new camera after waiting ages in line for it today. I should know that my fat a** should lose some weight before ever expecting to look good in pictures again. I looked like a friggen' Jabba The Hut. I need to accept that I don't weigh 190 pounds anymore -_-, I weigh 240. I need to start that diet of mine asap so I don't feel or look like Jabba The Hut. If somebody is 5'8 like me and weighs that much and got offended, I'm sorry, don't be. Some people look thinner than their weight so you're probably one of those types of people anyways. I however have no neck, double chin, and a fat gut that sticks out more than my chest does. -sigh- Also I think I've lost my joy for the holidays.. I think they're starting to be my most depressing times of the year. :sad: