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    It has been building up for a few days. I get it every now and then and I usually end up separating myself from the world (staying in my room, curtains down, earplugs in etc.) just to make sure that I don't hurt anyone in any way. I feel like an exposed nerve ending.

    I recognise the signs; I start looking for conflicts, justification for my deep dissatisfaction, scapegoats etc.

    There is a thread on these boards somewhere, I think the title is "The end of m" (no spelling mistake). One of the most disturbing threads I've ever read. Pure venom spitting. The thing is, I so often feel that way but I have managed to stay rational enough (so far) to realize that my perception of humankind is seriously warped so I wouldn't post anything like that.

    Ah, well, I'm just trying to express how I feel instead of smashing the furniture to smithereens.

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    Glad you are able to express yourself here hun and to let some of that anger out hugs
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    Thanks, total eclipse x

    Oh, please, somebody, come and challenge me!