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Rain and The Glory Of Olympus

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by booklovr, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. booklovr

    booklovr Well-Known Member

    Okay so this is something that happened to me more than an year back from today.....
    The graph of my unhappening little life was a straight horizontal line till last year and then it suddenly jerked upwards and is climbing on and on with a large slope.
    There was nothing in me I was a normal girl doing normal stuff.away from romance,rule breaking and absolutely any negativity.i had no notion of SH,pain even homosexuality and masturbation.i did not know what these words meant.i was that extreme.
    This was probably the first something that happened to me.
    I used to play this game - the glory of Olympus .it was a really nice game and I was hooked.it had chatrooms and pm features too.
    One day out of pure bewildering chance I met a guy called Rain Ammer.
    He was about my age..and I must warn U I was really really really naive.
    Anyways we got talking...he was charming,flirting and fun to text.he was from Estonia.and we used to compare things about our countries.
    I was very sarcastic and used to tease him a lot.
    One day in the middle of an argument he suddenly told me he had cancer.brain cancer.
    I was shocked.refusing to believe and shaken.
    Since then i think i became something of his virtual nurse.i used to calm him.be optimistic.he told me everything about his family.....
    I'm somehow attracted to people in pain.soon i became really really fond of him.we used to talk all day and night.
    I loved him and cared for him.(not that love love)
    Things were very serious once he slipped to comma and i even spoke to his mom...it made me feel all warm that he told her about me.i was very important to him.he was sucidal used to keep talking about <mod edit - methods>...i talked him out of it.
    Once his little brother told me that he died.i was devastated...i cried i didnt eat...long story..but he came back.his little brother was an ass.
    One night ..sad scary night ..i was texting him at 3am and my dad caught me.he read the texts.they were....well i wad very very ashamed.
    I was very scolded.phone confiscated.in my own misery i was also worried about him...
    About a week late i somehow sneaked online ,his brother was there.i asked him about rain and he told me that he died last week.
    I cried listening to beyonce s halo.
    i missed him a lot.for six months i grieved him.
    I obviously didnt kno if he actually died or not.
    i had written him lots of mails.unreplied.
    One random day,in school i saw a mail from him.from rain ammer.
    He was alive.cured .strong as ever.thought of me.
    Relieved beyond measure ... I started talking to him again.
    But we both changed.i was more knowing..more..badass...and he was a jerk.a stupid.drunk .jerk.
    soon we fought.abused each other .and swore never to.speak again.
    And that's it.it isn't very satisfactory.
    But wel i changed a lot since that.
    I even once kissed a girl(big mistake.please don't judge)
    I started doing drugs. And other stupid things with stupid friends.
    And came out scarred hurt...emotionally failing self harming lonely teenager.
    And then i reached SF.for the better.healing,repairing and loving.
    This place the chatroom.and the incessant pep talk for distressed reminded me of rain...
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