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    [Chamillionaire - Rain]

    They told me that pain was just in the frame, the irony of that
    Cause that was the slogan showing, when they tried to see my tats
    Never knew what was in the skin, would finally be a fact
    Feeling like mother nature's, right behind me with a gat
    Take that, the rain's loud on the window when it taps
    To help with the time, I thought that I could finally be relaxed
    Tired of being po', yeah trying to leave the rats
    Walk out to see three of your tires, that be on flat
    And that one tire, left a sign of hope
    That helps you to keep on grinding, when you kinda broke
    That helps you to keep composure, up around your folk
    That keeps from trying to wrap a rope, around your throat
    Don't choke, you feeling like giving up
    Life isn't a million bucks, you feeling like living sucks
    God's telling you hear your boy, but you don't wanna give him trust
    Mama telling you pay your ties, and you yell at her back for what
    To the path took a ride fast, to get some rims on his truck
    I don't think that they'll miss, ten percent of negative bucks
    Put some Henny up in your cup, your problems will start to drown
    But soon as your buzz leaves, then problems come back around damn
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    dunno why i posted this... :unsure: just ignore it...
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