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    Ugh...So much shit on my mind..I don't know what to do or how to get it out!! I just want to scream so very loud. I feel so helpless..I always fuck things up..This relationship I have..I will fuck that up I know it. He is THE best thing ever to happen to me and I am SO scared of losing it. He is my only reason I am living and I love him so so so damn much. I never mean to hurt him, or upset him, it just happens. I am so defensive now after all the abuse I have been through and it's so not fair on him :(
    I shout at him for no reason, even when he being the sweetest guy on earth and it breaks my heart. He doesn't do anything to deserve it. I am a stupid useless bitch. Fucking useless.

    Its all been my fault..the abuse and the rape and my fucked up mind and body, all my damn fault. I will die being useless and I will die now I have found the perfect man for me..fucking pills :cry:
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    You are not useless :arms:

    Does your boyfriend know of your past?
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    Yeah..He knows of my past. He knows pretty much everything..

    I am having nightmares and panic attacks again, it's too much :(