rambles of logic?

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    uneasy, life aint easy, no one said life would be easy
    screaming, hurts my ears, screaming out
    wilding out, unspoken, danger is the cause

    cause and effect, affliction, affection
    eagle soars, high in the sky, swooped down low, for the kill
    shark takes a bite, with delight, just being natural

    no force of the situation, sometimes we cannot live up
    to the ideas put into our heads, two head better then one
    love, dove, cry from a above
    angels weeping, climb the steeple, king kong style

    train wreak, what a mess, I knew you be their by my side
    never meant to hurt, did mean to be mean
    kinda just happen, control ultimate power

    ramble ramble, what does it solve?
    to get one up on each other?
    or is it to understand?

    knowledge is power
    to use knowledge for good is control
    damage control but you stole my heart
    just a shell and reflection in a mirror
    a broken mirror with no reflection

    am I just as scared as you?
    or do I not feel this love too?
    your really great you are
    I wish to uplift you

    can I say it will last forever
    my long range senses out of whack
    sticking by you is the best I can do
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.