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Random Battle Thread

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all you do is say 2 random non-living objects and the next person will say what would win in a battle between the 2 and then post their own.

I'll start..

Yogurt vs. Pudding.


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Steeb vs. Delusive-Sunshine

oh wait, non-living...

okay then

human nose vs. human ear

oh snap non-living... meh


candy eardrum vs. candy nose (gummy like thingies) and Yes I have eaten those before


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I go with catsup since I'd like to tell a cat "Cat, sup?" I've never heard of it anyway. I like my ketchup on rice, and yes I know now that catsup is ketchup (google!!! :D)

Glasses vs. Hearing Aids


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football since it represents two sports (we think of our own American football when we say it in the United States, but people in Europe might think it's our soccer). Two in one, aye? :D

Dumplings or Teriyaki Chicken
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