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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by RyanKey=MyLife, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I had a dream about a week ago, I kind of forgot about it until just now...

    I don't remember every little detail but I remember some main parts.

    Half-way through the dream(this is from where I remember) I was being follewed/chased by the person I like. I remember running through this door then it was like a thin metal bar, which you could just walk along, if you're careful enough(like the size of a monorail train track) It had these obstacles(archways made out of like bouncy castle material(lol) so when you didn't run through them carefully they'd bounce back. They was what slowed me down, and the guy got closer and closer. That he ended up catching up with me. We was standing on the thin metal bar/pipe/pathway thing) I kept trying to push him off, and he kept loosing his balance and nearly falling, but managed not to fall. He then tried to push me off and I nearly fell but managed not to. He got tired of the pushing around and was threatening to jump off, and asked me to join him(whilst holding my hand). I said no. But then he jumped and I jumped after him and managed to catch and hold his hand as we fell.

    We landed in a swimming pool below(which was random but lucky all the same) Thats all I remember of that part. But another dream I had the same night, after this one, was just us back in College but he would walk past me and hold my hand :/

    What does this dream mean? What does it mean with the holding hands(I know it's something common with relationships) but why did I dream about holding hands, when relationships can consist of more.

    When I was thinking to type this, I was wondering what the dream could mean and I thought that the pushing part could mean that he's capable of domestic violence? He comes accross as a 'I don't care' person. but he's always been really nice to me :/ Like when he spoke to me he was really sweet and polite :/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.