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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Raven, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Do you ever wish you had a choice? Does it seem so unfair that you were born the way you where? For everything I would not change what I am, I know one day it will lead to my own end that myself destructive behavior will lead to an early demise. I have accepted this and in a strange way embraced it.

    When it comes down to it, I have stayed true to myself above all things, most people only see such a fraction of the person, only the mask presented to the masses. I can’t stand them anymore. They are not alive they do not breath life with any passion, they have become “clockworks” to be wound up and to perform a task for a master above them.

    The things that define us, that define me that we have to hide from a world and people who are so afraid of different things. When you tell them I will die alone, with no friends, with no family and no one to morn over me. And it feels my heart with joy to think that, I could be there for everyone I care about through all of their lives, to brighten their day, to make them smile and maybe shake their head in utter confusion. It seems to selfish to want children to cry over you, for friends to fondly remember you. I want to die alone, forgotten by the world because I have lived with passion those I knew in life that have gone before me.

    That is what matters in life, your friends, not family whom society says you must accept, not your co-workers, no one but your friends, the people you have decided mean the world to you. Not power, not your accomplishments, fame, just friends.

    I am so grateful for everyone here I have meet, or said hi to, what it has meant, what I would have done not for all of you. I think we live a different type of life due to the pain, and well it hurts like hell, while most nights we wish we never existed, I hope for all of you that the bright spots just shine that much brighter.

    In the end, when it all comes down to it, life is too short for hate, for malice, it must be lived in a small moment. With the people you really care about. Now if I could live this instead of just writing it.

    You’re drunk as shit and very brooding furry friend,

    P.S you jack*** not re-filling water bottles for people in suite dancing in a rave in what amounts to wearing a couch just for 3$ kiss my *you know what*
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    ((Corvuise)) hope you survived the drunken state and came out the other side some ok now.. what you got when you really think about it is the moment which is right now. and even better if you allow yourself to take away the masks and just be you now.. a few good friends that are not due to family obligations, take and love you just the way you come.. that is really special Sir.. take care of you please..
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