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    ok what happened today

    so far i have a headache because i spent ages rereading an email and seeing if it was too long winded. i overcomplicate thing. also some guy online annoyed me and im not sure how to tell him nicely. i kind of did but its a bit difficut because im very seensitive and its hard for me to be fair sometimes. and also i dont know what he's going through so i dont know if he will take it that way. or not. also he said i was making things ' all about me' so that hurt me. i just told him i was tring to explain to him because usually i dont talk to ppl anymore if they upset me. i dont know. 'all about me' it makes me feel like shit.

    also i got call credit for my phone. having no internet sucks. i accidently skipped the queue when i was getting call credit. i think the guy at the cash register got pissed off. but if he had an issue with it he should ahve said someting i guess.. idk. i just didnt know what ot do when i realised i kinda skipped. technically i didnt, but anyways.

    ifeel awkward now with that guy who said i was all about me. we are in the same facebook group and when eeryone is talking and he is talking i dont feel like talking anymore. i am scared :( sigh. i thougth i was a nice person lol. obvs not if im all about me. makes me upset

    he said i was overcomplicating things when they were so simple. and he said i cant live like this and i need to look out rather than in. this was after i told him i wasnt trying to be all about me iwas just explaining something to him. it seems like he didnt understand what iw as saying. or maybe he's talkin about something and i dont understand. gah. i feel hurt. hate when ppl say things like 'all about u isnt it' to me. makes me feel selfish. im not selfish. yes i worry about things alot and i think alot of things are because of me. but im not selfish

    sent an email to a woman telling her i cant volunteer for her because i get anxious alot. i am worried it was too long winded and sounds stupid. eh. i have othe ovlunteering starting soon so im not too worried. gah

    over and aout
    no need ot reply im just ranting
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    Hi BubbleBear, that statement can be interpreted two ways, it can be taken as being selfish or being the cause of problems for others/events etc. I don't know if that makes sense, I can't think of the right words to express what I'm trying to say. Ex. Two people have an argument, you're present and you believe you're to blame. Anyway, I don't know how your friend meant it, but maybe he wasn't saying you were selfish.....just a thought. Take care and hope you feel better.
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    ah he wasnt a friend he's just a random person. its fine i think he's wrong anyways :) take care nightey