Random neuron collisions

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  1. dragonless

    dragonless Well-Known Member

    Sailing with Dall's

    Sliding along underneath the bow-wake of an alien creature,
    it pierces my world, slices through the cushioning envelope between breath and death;
    trespasses upon what would otherwise be silent.

    i will invite this new friend to play!
    We can race, we can frolic within the folds of caressing water that enlivens me.
    Leaping through glassy wakes, nuzzling hissing bow waves, chasing frothy tail trails...
    Let us play and race again, soon.
    Your lovely white dorsal fin captured the wind so sweetly.
    ~ November 2012

    A sudden windstorm is blowing through:
    frothing waves impetuously;
    chastising trees for unknown transgressions;
    flinging birds across the sky, careless as wedding rice.
    ~ December 2011

    The moon was just a sliver -
    a delicate crescent,
    a perfect Inuit ulu dividing the twilight
    from the coming darkness.
    ~ August 2011

    A Misspoken Thought

    Listen to the moon coo
    i meant to say owl
    She's singing the moon to sleep
    You can hear the moon coo

    Can you see the wind dance?
    i meant to say ravens
    A feathered flamenco to woo the wind
    You may see the wind dance

    Will you feel the ocean's kiss?
    i meant to say God's
    Sailing; ahh, we could have been sailing
    instead of sinking...
    When we feel the ocean's kiss
    ~ 2011
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    And beautiful neuron collisions they are hun I love how you use your words
  3. dragonless

    dragonless Well-Known Member

    Thank you, eclipse :)
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