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  1. ThornThatNeverHeals

    ThornThatNeverHeals Well-Known Member

    I look at my skin,
    i see the scars covering me,
    i know all that is within,
    the scars are my only beauty.

    Reading that, you might think me crazy,
    probabally you will call me a loon,
    oh how so much i wish you could see,
    though i doubt that will happen soon.

    I cant stand much more anyway,
    the splits in my skin are just the start,
    i dont think i can really explain
    the complete and utter shattering of my heart.

    i try to clean the filth off my soul
    i forget that there is nothing left to clean
    i remember when i ysed to be whole
    before she did those vile things to me.

    I can never forgive her, nor will i forget
    not only that, but i cannot bring myself to share,
    i hate how she could have caused this mess,
    those two dont see it, but they are such a pair.

    i whish i could tell CN all of how i feel
    but she must already be so strong,
    and at least her problems are real,
    the pain caused by her mom.

    im sorry to all for all i do to you,
    i wish i could change, you all deserve so much better,
    i just cant figure out how to change, or to do....
    im just about ready to write my letters.
  2. scarlettdrknss

    scarlettdrknss Well-Known Member

    awesome poem. i can't even find anything more to say to it because it says it all.
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