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    the father talked to my mother like she was a servant or something tonight. i know he's bored and socially isolated and it contributes to him acting like a weirdo but still. its not right. and id idnt say anything haahhhaa. :| hes just lucky that my mother doesnt mind too much so she'll still talk to him like normal even after he's like that. but its not right

    my friend wants a girlfriend because he fees that he should have had a girlfriend by now ( he's 22) and he feels like it reflets badly on him because he's never had a girlfriend or had sex wti hanyone and he's not growing developmentally becaus hes never had sex with anyone. Also all his friends i ncollege have girlfriends and boyfriends and he feels left out i guess. he's on about 5 different dating sites but he's having touble meeting anyoen because i think alot of ppl ther arent that serious and also he gets anxious messaging girls so its hard for him to make the first step. he said if he doesnt meet anyone by the end of june/july he's going to sign up for seeking arrangements. which is basically a sugar daddy/mommy thing i think? he's not comfortable with it but he said hes desperate and ... i guess he wants to lose his virginity. i dont know... maybe he feels he's not on the same level and by sleeping with someone he will be? i hvae this horrible image of him with a really old woman! he's so innocent. im scared for him! lol

    i kind of get what he means but i feel like hes just rushing things..... and i dont think having sex with someon just for hte sake of it is going ot get rid of his problems. he says that his problem is that he doesnt hv ea girlfriend so if he had one then his problem would be solved. this is just my opinion - but i feel like his problem isnt that he doesn hav ea girlfriend. the problem is that theres peer pressure involved, and its more to do with his self confidence, and his belief in himself. yes i think if u had a relationshiop and sex etc you would be a bit more mature or experienced in that field.... but i dont htink just cos u havent it means ur not ''growing developmentally''? i think there are other ways to 'grow' and it can invlovle finding out more about yourself, and maturing that way. and finding out what works for you or not.

    i dont know. just my opinion. i didnt think ti bothered me so much but apparantely it does because i got stressed thinking about it this afternoon. its his decision so im not going to stand in his way if its what he really wants to do... but for myself i dont approve of it... i dont approve of getting with an escort sort of thing just so u can lose ur virginity so u can 'develop' i dont think thats developing i think ur just losing ur virginity.


    ok rant over. remember everything here is just myopinion and i dont mean to offend anyone. if anyone reads this far lol

    okay byeee!!!