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Random song interpretations

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by LDA, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. LDA

    LDA Well-Known Member

    Adam's Song by Blink-182 - My interpretation is that the teenager, possibly around eighteen, is obviously contemplating suicide and thinking back on everything bitterly and trying to tell everyone how he feels. 'You'll be sorry when I'm gone'. I know that feeling, and that's obviously bitter reminiscence. 'I never conquered, rarely came, 16 just held such better days'. He doesn't think that he has really accomplished that much since he was that age and he wishes he was sixteen again where he then had much less cares and worries. At the end of the song, he has more hope and he has decided not to commit suicide. 'I never conquered, rarely came, TOMORROW just HOLDS such better days. Days when I can STILL feel alive, when I CAN'T wait to get outside.'

    I Miss You by Blink-182 - My interpretation is that there has just been a really bad breakup and he misses her. He is trying to apologize and saying that he can't sleep or dream without her and that he needs her. He's hesitant to call her because she will just reject him, but he wants her to come back and 'stop this pain tonight'. At the same time, he's contradicting himself by telling her not to 'waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head'.

    Wrong Way by Sublime - My interpretation is that there is this girl that has obviously been abused and exploited by her father and this guy comes along and tries to help her, but instead he is making her unhappy and he never meant to do that, hence he's steering her 'the wrong way' unintentionally. He tries to give her hope but instead he's just making her sadder. He tells her she can come with him if she wants, but it's up to her. She decides to throw in her lot with him and run away but she abandons him despite the fact that he loves her and did his best to help her, because she only wants 'the wrong way' and doesn't really care about him. Basically, the girl has been ruined mentally by her father and she is a glutton for punishment from men because of that. Maybe she inwardly just really wants to be a street ***** because she feels like she deserves that for her father not loving her. Don't you hate girls like that? :) Wait, that's all girls these days!

    Given Up by Linkin Park - My interpretation is that this guy wakes up every day to another day that he knows he is just going to waste, and he is stuck only inside his own head with only himself for comfort, he hates himself for that and he feels like he will never leave that isolated place inside his own mind, that there's no escape, and it's driving him insane. He's his own worst enemy, as the song says. He doesn't know what to do, no one cares, he doesn't know where to turn. He's all alone. He just wants someone -- or himself -- to put him out of his fucking misery. He has given up.

    In the End by Linkin Park - My interpretation for this one is easy. Basically, it doesn't matter how much time you spend doing something, it's all a waste and no matter how far you get and how hard you try, in the end it doesn't even matter to anyone else but yourself, so just give up. Very depressing song.

    Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park - My interpretation is that the guy keeps having nightmares of being lost in the dark and no one cares or notices that he is gone or even misses him. He wakes up and fears that he isn't leaving anything behind for anyone when he's gone, that no one will remember him. He pleads for someone, anyone, to forget the wrong that he has done or will do, and to help him leave behind some reasons to be missed, and to be remembered, to be 'kept in your memory' despite how evil he has become or will become. My thoughts exactly.

    So Far Away by Staind - My interpretation is that the man is looking at his life before and after something big happened and he knows it wasn't what it was before the event. It's implied that it has changed for the better. He wants someone to shake him to see if he is just sleeping and dreaming all of it. He talks about how he is smiling like never before and he is doing 'okay'. He goes on to say that he is afraid of waking up and knowing it was all a dream, and he implores 'please don't shake me.'

    It's Been Awhile by Staind - The song is about regret.

    Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin - My interpretation is that this guy is struggling to make a girl accept him, all without her catching on, and he is doing his best to put himself 'right beside her', as in being with her. He is trying to find his place in 'the diary of Jane'. He's trying to be with this girl. He keeps failing however and it's tearing him apart. He's ashamed of his failure as he keeps trying to burn every page of the 'diary of Jane' that doesn't include him.

    Breakdown by Tantric - My interpretation is that there is an observer trying to speak to someone saying that outwardly they seem to be fine and stable but deep inside, they're tormented and blaming themselves. He tells the person that if they try hard enough, they can find the reason that 'no one else is living this way'. They can get better.

    Mourning by Tantric - My interpretation is that the guy knows that a girl is trying to say something to him, possibly that she doesn't feel the same way as he does, and he wants her to just tell him because he can take it even though it's been a long sime since he felt this way about someone. He says he'll simply 'shake it' and crawl back into his cave because he's just used to it. He knows that she doesn't love him and he just wants her to be happy and he just wants her to tell him. 'Wishing all the best for you, and now I will say goodbye', he finally ends it for her 'cause all the shit that we've been through put wisdom in my eyes.' He tells her to 'walk away, don't turn around, cause I won't be standing there'. Basically, he's moving on so she can be happy 'cause all the lies' that he's been living through 'are becoming very clear'. Very straightforward song.

    Never Too Late by Three Days Grace - Very simple song... Almost boring. Someone is trying to convince another person that they care about not to kill themselves and that it's 'not too late, it's never too late'. It never explains to us if the attempt to stop them was successful or not. Yawn.

    You're a God by Vertical Horizon - My interpretation is that the narrator is a relationship 'covered in lies' and not enough trust, and the narrator knows it. He never seems to say the right thing, and he usually says something that fucks everything up and makes his lover hate him. Later, they are broken up finally, but the narrator can't forget his lover. The problems in the relationship still remain but the narrator is trying his best to change those problems, but he needs a way to let his former lover know that he's trying. His lover means everything to him, he thinks she's a god/goddess, but the narrator knows he isn't good enough, not cool enough, and can't match up to his former lover or her high standards, and he knows that the right thing to do is to just let her go off on her own. Very intriguing and beautiful song. I can totally relate to it.

    Beautiful by 10 Years - Another simple song but not quite as boring as Never Too Late. Outwardly, the girl that the song is about is utterly beautiful, jaw-dropping and stunning ('Visually you're stimulating to my eyes.') Inwardly, she is pathetic and pitiful and not at all remarkable. She is 'everything that is so typical' about girls of this generation, and 'maybe you're alone for a reason.. you're the reason.' And 'as pitiful as you are, you should have seen this coming all along.' Very simple.

    Jumper by Third Eye Blind - If you don't know what this song means, you're a fucking idiot, dude.

    Always by Blink-182 - Obviously, another song about a breakup. 'Your hands they shake with goodybes. And I'll take you back if you'd have me.' So obviously the narrator is the one getting dumped. He still wants the other person and is obviously still thinking of them and would change for them if they could just be back together: 'And I'll miss your laugh, your smile, I'll admit I'm wrong if you'd tell me.' As the guy continuously tries to tell her these things, he keeps failing however.

    Wonderwall by Oasis - My interpretation is that the narrator is trying to help someone he cares about understand that they've got to do something to help themselves out of a bad situation because everyone around them is realizing that the person is giving up. The narrator is trying to help them out because 'maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, you're my wonderwall.'

    Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three - My interpretation is that a woman is trying to break up with the narrator or get away from him somehow because the 'stones are coming too fast for her now' and 'all the stones that are thrown are building up a wall' between them. The narrator is worried that he has become 'cumbersome' to 'this world' and 'my girl'. The whole thing is making him doubt himself. He wants to make things work and 'reconcile the past' and 'ressurect those bridges' but she is adamant on getting away and 'she remembers bridges, burns them to the ground'.

    So Far Away by Stabbing Westward - My interpretation is that this guy is struggling to cope with the fact that he isn't good enough for somebody, possibly a girl, because he is 'ugly' and there is an 'emptyness' and he just wants to be with her but it's too hard. Every time he gets remotely close, he still feels 'so far away'.

    Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind - My interpretation is that the guy is remembering the memories that he had had with his girl before she died of a drug overdose.. and he had introduced her to those drugs. He's trying to remember the good times they had before the drugs and everything, how much they were in love, and the song's deceptively upbeat pace and sound goes with that, as he tries to stay upbeat.

    Boston by Augustana - My interpretation is that something really bad has happened and the narrator just wants to get away from the place where he is trapped after this bad event and escape to somewhere, anywhere ('Boston') where 'no one knows my name' and no one knows what occurred.

    Meant to Live by Switchfoot - Before I knew they were a Christian band, I would have thought this had some deep meaning but before I could explore it, I found out the truth and therefore, it's unfortunately probably true that this song is just yet another song about being 'meant to live' for God... Yawn.

    Into the Ocean by Blue October - I think it's about a guy who has lost someone close to him and he went out on a ship, leapt over into the sea but as soon as he hit the water, he instantly regretted it and realized that he had something left to live for. But it's too late, and he's left floating there as the ship gets further and further away, and he realizes that he is going to die and now he doesn't want to, and he's reminiscing as he struggles to stay afloat.
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