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random thoughts

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Just a random reflection, but I have to let it out somewhere...

My husband is drinking for the ninth night in a row. I'm not even concerned. He promised it is the last time he went to buy booze, but I know it's not. I was looking at some pictures of ours from the beginning of our relationship and now I feel very sorry that things worked out the way they did. I do wish I was somewhere else with someone else...

These pictures made me cry.

I'm the one he calls stupid bitch then apologises and wants me to act as if nothing happened.

I'm the one who has fallen for another guy and the one who feels so remorseful and sorry for what I have done and what I'm going to do.

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Hun you should not stay with someone that verbally abuses you YOU deserve better then that He chooses to drink he has to choose to get treatment to stop Liquor is no excuse to harm others You look after you hun okay Prhaps time to talk to him about divorce hun if you are with someone else then you know the marriage is probably already over.


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Dear juniper,

I understand that it is very hard to let go of a marriage especially when you have kids together. It takes courage to take the first step. It may also take time to finally let go…

You do not really need him to call you names to justify what you need to do for your life. Things change. It’s actually not living truthfully when you live with someone while you love someone else. You are a human being. You have feelings. You have the right to live a truthful life by being true to your feelings - to truly love and move on with your life…

Also, your husband will be able to move on with his life, too. He may even find someone who loves him for who he is and be happy…

It’s understandable that you have some mixed feelings now. Be gentle to yourself. You need a lot of strength to get over what you need to do now …and to move on with your life…

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:
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