random words that are stitched together

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by swordslinger, May 4, 2011.

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  1. swordslinger

    swordslinger New Member

    Silently healing our minds
Tender are her hands on our hearts
Ever listening to our woes
Praying that each of us can get through a day
Having generosity in her heart to care for us all

    P.S. it seriously is just random words i typed without thinking whilst listening to some randomness music
  2. ashcrostep

    ashcrostep Active Member

    I really like this :)
    You are good with words :hug:
  3. swordslinger

    swordslinger New Member

    i wish im verbally good with words too cos my verbal conversation seems to upset people more than anything....anyway here's another poem for people in love or for people who have that special friend that they feel is inseparable to.

    When you are there, I can smile
    But when you are gone, I feel sad
    So when you are there, I want to be there
    But all this is because I am with you
  4. swordslinger

    swordslinger New Member

    ok woke up and it was another night full of words, abusive tormenting dreams...almost screamed my head out to trying to wake up...anyway another one poem for a person who left footsteps of light inside this empty shell.

    Shadows that hover on our hearts
With her words do they get dispersed,
In mind and heart does she think of us all,

    Forever will we reside cherished and loved there,

    There we will be young, we will be beautiful cos of her love.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.