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Rant About Life

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I'm just upset with life. My mother moved down south right in the middle of the year and I was unable to go to college so i'm stuck here at home for the next 5 months. Before I left I used to visit my college, and there was this girl who worked at the coffee shop there. I'm not really into mushy romance on emotional stuff but I just felt good. It was the best cup of coffee I had and I only had one more day left before my mother moved so the next day I returned and I tried to find her but I couldn't. If my mother had only been less selfish I could of have met her and been in college. It sucks down here, I never see girls on a regular basis. I tried online dating but the girls on there are annoying, they are always complaining about some other guy and they are rude, unsexual and unromantic. And by unsexual I mean they have no flirting ability whatsoever. They jsut want to talk about boring stuff. And it kind of makes me depressed that I have to put up with this when I could of been back home, actual seeing girls on a regular basis.

So my plan is to get a job, get a plane ticket and return to my old home town. I miss it, and I want to meet that girl I never got to meet hopefully if she is still working there. I'm not happy when i'm around girls anymore. And this has caused me to be unhappy in general. And I don't consider myself an over emotional person so i'm very surprised. I used to be glad to be around them but now I just feel depressed. I think it has something to do with my experiences online. And some of them don't even want you to flirt with them. Then why the hell are you on a dating site. All of this has caused me to rethink life in general and the way I look at things and I feel the meaning has been sucked out of my life. But that's ok, I just had this plane ticket idea for the longest time, and it just feels right. It gives me something to be happy about.

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Those sights can be very scarey to say the least I hope you do save the money to get plane ride back home to see that girl and even if she is not there you can meet other girls at the college. Perhaps you can even set your sights on going to college there again when you are able hugs
I hope that things work out for you. I am sorry that things seem so difficult right now. If the plane ticket gives you a focus and an aim then that it positive, please just keep that goal in mind. Take care
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