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Rant about work cutting pay


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A bunch of coworkers and I including my driect boss the supervisor noticed our paycheck didnt include the 2 buck pay increase per hour during stay at home orders for hours worked at work. Of course we were upset. Maybe forgot etc....

To cover info:

There was a memo out the pay increase was to remain throughout stay at home order. We have to wear masks and do all extra precautions to ensure COVID does not hit our facilities and it yet has not to our surpise. We are in the hotspot zones. Our saving grace was we are a very small company. No vistors at all etc.

We are still under the stay at home order. Residents are not allowed out in the community and after questioning payroll. They said it the extra pay stopped august 1st, and it was a mistake blah blah they will do entire month of July on the next paycheck. There was no memo passed out it was going to stop aug 1st, the memo is dated aug 4th but we all got it aug 5th.

Really disgusted at my company dropping the ball on employees. We already did not have our pay increase from July 1st mandatory 13 buck a hour minimum wage... to adjust older staffs pay rates... none of this was done.

Part of me wants to just quit but i got mortage/bills etc to worry about no savings now in account to have that luxury to say F'all
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