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    People who know me know that I do not start threads. And I usually do not come here to this area of the forums. Although I want to start. It actually is an area I like.

    Tonight I make an excception because I am so worried. I am useless when it comes to doing anything. I have extreme anxiety. and yes. yes, I am taking pills for it. And no I do not have to have my medication reassessed.

    today I went to the kitchen and found a lot of water in front of the refrigerator. I mopped it up. And looked in the freezer which is on the bottom of the refrig. There was a lot of frozen water there. I could not deal with thawing it. because it would have meant pulling out all the food and tray and getting in there to figure out how to even break this thick ice sheet.

    Finally tonight I did it. Then I went back 5 minutes later and a lot of water was back on the bottom. I removed it. Only to fine a lot of water back there in 5 minutes.

    I googled the problem and found that the remedy for it is way beyond my abilities. So I will have to pay a plummber to come and fix it. And then I do not know how many days I will have to wait. Tomorrow is sunday. I cannot call on sunday. I cannot pay Sunday prices. As it is, the cheapest I will get away with paying is 80 dollars. And my guess is that it will be much more than that. The directions sound like lots of things have to be taken apart to get to the part that needs to be flushed out. Sounds quite time consuming. When I call the piumber on Monday I do not know what day they will be able to help me. Thurday is a holiday. I do not know how long I will have to live with it like this. Anxiety !!

    My anxiety is so wacked out right now. I do not know what I am going to do. scared. I know that sounds odd. But I do not want to live with big puddles of water until this thing gets resolved. And I live on practically no money. Way below the poverty line. So I am just so scared. I am pretty triggered right now. Because I know that water is filling up in my freezer. And leaking on to the floor. Thanks for reading this.
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  2. MoAnamCara

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    I'm sorry flowers. This type of stuff can be like the straw that broke the camels back, in a way. Can you get a plumber that'd take payments instead of paying it all out front? Or is there anyone you know that'd be able to look at it for you? Sending :hug:'s.
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    Oh Flowers... hugest gentlest hugs you give so much so for you to ask for support I know it must be a burden. I feel stressed & anxious for you. I so wish I was nearer to give you a hand or at least a bunch of flowers. .. it doesn't fix anything I know but please know that you have friends here who care so in that sense you are not alone okay? Please take gentle care of yourself :hug:
    I don't know what I would do so youare not over reacting either okay so don't go there Miss you are lovely and I just wish I could fix this for you. X
  4. Petal

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    :hug: Hi Flowers, just want to let you know you are being heard. Anxiety sucks so much, deep breaths and light exercise can help as you probably already know. You're not alone :)
  5. Sadeyes

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    I know how you feel...sometimes, I feel that these things, although seeming simple to others, throw me into a tail spin...one thing to check is if the refrig is imbalanced (tipping to one side)...I had that and all the person had to do was balance it...but that aside, I know how you feel and I am so sorry you are going through this...it feels so awful to wait and to depend on someone to fix something...please let me be there for you...you know I care dearly about you

    PS...Although I am sorry these situations exist for you, I am so glad you are reaching out and expressing what is going on
  6. jsph444

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    how can this be true? c'mon.
  7. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I am so touched by all the caring responses from such light hearts. Thank you so much. It means so much to me that it brings tears.

    Mo, I do have the money. Its just that it puts me much closer to financial danger. Andddddd did you call me a camel :D ? :hug:

    Ditsy, bless your loving heart. thank you . I hope you are not still feeling stressed and anxious for me :hug:

    Music, thank you for your answer. It feels so amazing to be heard. It really does. i was afraid all day to come and read the responses. Because I was horrified that I posted a thread !! So thank you for the gift of responding with such caring words.

    jsph444 thank you. Okay you are right about that. Thanks for the words of disbelief. Made me smile :)

    Sadeyes, thank you for caring about me. That honestly means a lot !!!!! And I think you know you mean a lot to moi as well.
    I googled and read from more than one website that this is a common problem with the refrigerator I have. Both places gave the same instructions to fix it. Which I am never going to fix. Even if youtube happened to have step by step instructions :)) . I had this problem with my last refrigerator. But the little drain thingy was in back of the refrigerator. So I could pull out the refrig and then go in back of it and "go at it with a turkey baster" until all the gunk was out of it.
    Here are the instructions from one of the websites

    the drain is clogged and will need to be cleaned out.
    Remove the door and the basket from the freezer.
    Press the tabs and remove the glides out of the freezer.
    Remove either the left or right glide rail to remove the back panel.
    Remove the center air grill by pressing the tab in the center with a straight screwdriver and pry toward the center in the two slots on the sides of the grill.
    remove the thermistor cover on the right side by prying the slot with the screwdriver. Now remove the screws holding the panel in place, and remove the icemaker, if your unit has one.
    Remove the back panel from the unit.

    Now you can access the drain under the evaporator coils.
    Use hot water and a turkey baster.
    Push the hot water into the drain hole, and clear out any ice and debris in the drain. When the drain flows freely with the hot water, reinstall the components for the freezer in reverse order.

    in my next life I am coming back as a mechanic and handywoman. And I plan to be sane :D
  8. Terry

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    Good Lord! I read those instructions and died halfway through!

    I also go into tail spins with anything going wrong in the house.
    Yesterday I spent half an hour listening to the fridge and praying it wasn't about to explode lol!
    My son thinks I'm crackers, but living on a budget means every possible breakage is a potential landmine.
  9. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Terry, I hope your refrig has many more good years. I seriously hope it was having a day where it needed to grunt and complain. And yes !! living on a budget means every possible breakage is a potential landmine. So well said. When my dishwasher gave out a few years ago, i just turned it into a big dish rack where I put my clean dishes to dry. But there are some appliances that are necessairy.

    Last night after prying the layer of ice off and cleaning it all up, every time i opened the freezer drawer water seemed to be coming in quite quickly. I mopped up what I could. And decided to put down a bath towel and stop checking the crime scene.

    Before i went to bed last night i asked the angels to deal with the freezer. This afternoon I took a deep breath and opened the door to look. hummm, almost no water at all. It looks like what was there when I last checked before coming here to start the panicked thread. I have no clue really what happened to stop it. But I did read online someone saying theirs stopped and then started again at some point.

    So if some angel has its finger in the freezer's dike ( An old story about about a Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike), I thank him or her and ask that they please continue with the good work. I checked again just before, No more water has come in. Monday I am going to call the place that sold me the refrig. They cant fix it for free. But they might have a suggestion.
  10. flowers

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    sorry, I forgot that some people might think that the word angel is religions. It is not to me. But for some people it is. I came back to remove the post. but it was too late. the time to do that expired. sorry sorry sorry.
  11. windlepoons

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    Do not worry, angel is a generic term now.
    I hate home problems, I have mice, and a roof tile needs replacing and all I can think is oh heck I need to deal with strangers...
    If I were nearer I would offer to help as I think I could handle those instructions.
  12. BornFree

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    Flowers... really worried about you and see I can't message or visitor message you... I so wanted to say thinking of you some hope things are a little easier now... sending much caring and many hugs x