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Rant and stress about school

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I hate it when my family does this. they pressure, threaten and stress me out over my school and grades. and they expect me to be this perfect student with good grades when im not that smart at all and i dont even understand anything about school anymore... My own grandparents say things like "your ass is lazy" "your not trying" or some other stuff like that when i do try its just that i dont understand anything at all.

So let me get this straight, school is more important than my own mental health being burned down to its crisp every second of everyday because of my grandparents and school and my aunt and everything else i've been through?

Don't get me started on my grandma hitting me and threatening me.

I remember she aggressively pushed the door open and she yelled if i checked my school email and i said no because i forgot and then she just started whipping me like crazy and i had bruises all over my legs.

Oh and she grabbed a shoe and threatened to "fuck me up" over my grades.

Sorry for this rant im just so mad right now...
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i'm sorry this is happening to you. your grandma has no right to beat you like that. school is very important. your parents/grandparent are responsible for you doing the best you can.

what i did was encourage and used a reward/punishment system. if they worked hard they got extra freedom etc. if not then no tv or something. but they are responsible to find out why you aren't doing well. you say you don't understand some stuff, talk to your teachers and your parents/grandparents for help.

your mental health is extremely important. talk to your parents/grandparents about needing to go the the doctor for it. then he can reccomend meds, therapy, etc. if neded. you are a good person just try as hard as you can.



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They are abusing there power over you. Shame on them. They should be grateful they have a granddaughter in their lives. Grades are secondary. Sorry for rant, but no one should be putting their hands on you. What would happen if you said "don't touch me".

My own children have said that to me and I don't hit my kids but we have had fights. Regarding school, not all classes are going to be easy and sometimes a teacher is going to have issues. I have 4 children so I know what my children have dealt with. And, they've all done ok.

Your situation isn't going to last forever. One day your grandparents will have no power over you. You'll be free to make your own choices, choose a job and even decide if you want a relationship with them.
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