Rant directed towards me. >.<

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  1. Why the fuck are you so paranoid? Why can't you ever let anyone in? He says he loves you, BELIEVE IT. Can't do that huh? YOU WON'T DO WELL FOR LOVE THEN. He's right ain't he? The last one. 'You aren't material for a relationship'. You're never gonna be material for anything except destroying yourself. Why the fuck can't you just let him in? He is actually decent you know. In your heart you believe him don't you? Don't you??? You believe him, just scared is that it? Baby. SUCH A WUSS. Always were a baby. Always crying, always running to mummy, or big sis, never doing things by yourself. Oh, wow, you can live by yourself, want an award? Living ain't that hard for you is it? No. You're just a big fat, ugly, hopeless, failure baby! :mad: I bet the whole world would be better without you, especially your boyfriend. Oh, he'd be way better off without you. All you do is cause him unbearable pain and torture. Make him feel like utter shit 90% of the time. You love him... don't you?


    He can't deal with you. He really can't. Don't fuck his life up. You fucked all the others up. You fucked your best friends life up, *cough*, sorry, ex best friend. :dry: Typical of you. Fuck their lives up to make yourself feel better huh? Not like that? Hm, it's what THEY thought and still think. You're gonna hurt this guy so badly. And you're gonna be such a stupid prat and ruin things arn't you? :mellow: Well, don't count on you two getting past the next week together, you won't last a damn year, won't even last till Christmas, oh, looking forward to him coming are you? Shame. You'll probably screw with his mind then. Are now, probably. You're such an idiot. No wonder no one loves you. Or gives a damn. You're just a complete failure. Complete fuck up, screw up, selfish, pathetic, ugly, fat, stupid, hopeless, helpless, failure of a thing.

    Now go kill yourself. Do the world a favour.

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  2. I hope things are better for you and your boyfriend since I communicated with you both on MSN a while ago.
  3. Thank you so much Kurt. :hug: