RANT, Friend kicked off facebook for unknown reason

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    Facebook is trouble I think. It is addicting for some reason. My friend who has a mental illness just lost it when she was being kicked out of the whole FB system for some infraction that she is unaware of. She lives on FB. She was screaming on the phone to me "OMFG" over and over, except not using the abbreviations which I did not like at all. I am a Christian so I find that offensive. I say the F word, I am not perfect, but I guess it just hit something deeply ingrained. Oh well, sidetracked there.

    Who the hell does Facebook think they are? When they were first starting up they celebrated every new member, now they are full of themselves I guess and just kick people off randomly? I understand that they have to kick someone off that is offensive or threatening, but I see lots of pages there that could be very offensive to many. So they are "God" of the internet now? Sitting in judgment? I just hurt for my friend. Yeah, her relationship with FB is too much, but why should they care? The only thing that she could think of is that she offered to do for people is horoscopes and all that stuff. I think she did get paid some money, put she is one random person and they would have to have read her messages to find that out. I know for a fact that she never advertised to do reading for money.

    You can not reach any one in charge of anything on Facebook. I am rather addicted myself. It just shocked me and I hate to see how devastated this girl is. I know all my "friends" are mostly people I don't really know. That is kind of messed up. Ex-inlaws caused trouble for me so I deleted them, I thought they were friends. Maybe you find out who your real friends are? My long time high school "friend" does not even communicate with me at all, even when I message her. She says she is "too busy"! Ha, I truly believe that you make time for real friends and what you really want to do. No doubt!

    Anyone else think Facebook is trouble?

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    Facebook does not charge anyone to be on their site, therefore she cannot ask for a refund. It is true that there is not a way to contact Facebook directly when you have an issue (they have no contact information and no phone number). In their defense to that, with the volume of members they probably could not handle providing a customer service contact resource. Facebook makes it's money from advertising. You say she is unaware of her infraction, but there must be an infraction. Her reaction to you on the phone, in fact, is probably something FB wants to avoid having to listen to when they don't publish any contact information. There are steps that she can take, however, to address it. If I'm not mistaken, I think they have an appeal process of some sort. Many companies use FB to market and sell things, so I don't think that was the issue she encountered. They have such a volume of pages that they generally cannot read individual messages, but they do monitor complaints (through an automated method) and it is possible that there were a large number of complaints about something she said or posted.

    Accounts are sometimes suspended temporarily. She should look into the appeal process and take it from there. She will need to address it calmly, though.

    Facebook is what we make of it. I used to hate it myself... but have found that in my business it is essential these days.
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    Hi PWA,

    She got it all settled, I told her how to send them feedback, they do have a place for that. I know it is my choice to use it or not. I just end up getting in trouble sometimes when I have a "angry moment" then tell someone off. Not a good idea. It is easier to do on FB than to actually write an email. I think her account is permanently disabled, I don't know. I have more serious issues to deal with for sure.