rant: I hate this professor..I hate all you ppl who have A++

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    I fucking hate you, <Mod Edit: full name>, your one of the worst piece of shit professor I have ever met. you shouldn't even be a professor if you say that kind of things to your students. So What I confused constant velocity with constant acceleration. So what i didn't know how to do that question, that's why I asked you for help, and I was extremely confused and frustrated. And you said "if you don't even understand this, then you shouldn't be in this course"..."forget it..just go read your text book."

    WTF man, I was confused, and the more frustrated I get the more confused I get, and so I got my basic concepts wrong. what kind of teacher tell their students if your not smart enough, maybe you shouldn't even be in this course.

    Are you telling me to just give up?...well..u know what..shut the FUCK UP..I've probably survived more shit then you ever did..and I've endured all of them, and got through most of them..this shit is hard..but not as hard as trying to keep holding on..keep holding on to my hope that someday I wouldn't be this depressed, I wouldn't be suicidal, there'll be someone out there who will love me the way I love them..

    you know..if I didn't hold back..if I just let go and snapped, I would've came to school, <Mod Edit: inappropriate>Just cuz I'm chinese..isn't..racist bastard..HATE HATE HATE

    and to all you FUCKING students with A++s, I hate you all too. I don't show it, But I fucking do. I try so hard to improve myself, and this is what I get?? Not an A++. Ever time I feel down, I get up, my hate for all of you fuels me to do better, better than all you fucking bastards who ever laugh at me..cuz I know you all do..you do it behind your backs..Like I don't know..I do..The only reason that I am alive today is that I want to prove to people that they were wrong about, I prove it. I'll get better grades, if I don't then there is no point in living anymore..I just go postal..<Mod Edit: inappropriate>

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    Oh, hey, you're from Edmonton. U of A? I went there, had a couple asshole physics profs in my time [no names are coming to mind, though.]

    You oughtn't make threats, though. Neither to profs nor A+ students; the students especially did nothing to wrong you. Also. The Chinese students I knew were often A+ students. The Korean guy wasn't so hot, though - but there's certainly no racism going on.

    I've reported your post for threats of violence, probably triggering as well, so much will be modified.
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    nice outburst of anger. <Mod Edit - inciting violence>
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