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  1. LoD

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    Why the fuck must everybody say that it’ll be alright?! How the hell do they know? Can they hear my thoughts?! Can they feel how fucked up I feel whenever I get near to people or start to think? How the hell could they know it’ll be alright?! “Look at the bright side of things” Don’t you think I would try such a tactic BEFORE I get depressed? Telling me there’s a bright side won’t help me!

    Sorry, just kind of mad.. I guess… Too much confusion and such.. I’ll lay off writing for today.
  2. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    They don't know it will be alright. They want to believe that it will be. Because some people have had the experiences of going from bad to good. Others have just been in bliss and want to feel better about themselves.

    But one thing I have noticed. If you give up hope of improvement happening it won't happen. And if you do not put a little effort into improvement the chances of it happening are slim. I always sat around and waited and nothing happened. So I am trying to get out and make things happen.

    I hope this helped a little. As always you can PM me if you just want to yell at me and tell me how wrong I am. I do not know your life experience. Maybe my sadness was just all in my head.

    Anyway try and feel better.
  3. Robin

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    I'm in agreement with Forgotten Man, it's hard to do things when you're so low but sometimes it's neccessary, as for the thoughts, I've been told that thoughts, mood, behaviour and physical symptoms are all related, we can feel relatively fine then start to feel worthless, judge ourselves too harshly, blame ourselves for whatever we are able to, then our mood drops, pretty soon we're sleeping 18 hrs a day just to avoid the world.

    That's an over simplified view of what can happen but it is well known today that recognising negative thoughts and challenging them can help our mood improve greatly.
  4. LoD

    LoD Well-Known Member

    All I can think of writing right now is.. I've tried... Most likely not hard enough.. ARGH!
  5. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    What is the old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day", I think it is.

    Trust me when I say TRY I mean within the boundaries of who you are. Trying will not get you anywhere if you lose who you are in the process.
  6. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Wow, if that's not written from my mind I dont know what is. First off I dislike when people tell me that everythings going to be alright because clearly they don't know what's wrong with me and if they did they wouldn't say that. Look at the bright side of things is such a crappy saying in my opinion because when there's so much darkness how can you see a bright side. I hope that you do find inner peace, I won't say I know how you feel because I don't, but I do hope that you find happiness and such. I know that's cliche whatever but at this point not knowing your situation that's what i have to offer. best of luck LoD. PM and IM's are open if you want a discussion.

  7. LoD

    LoD Well-Known Member

    I feel depressed when I get near to people, when I go out, I start drinking to loosen up, after the first 5 beers, I start to feel more depressed then I could feel before, after those 5, I start to slam beers down. Thus leading me to a downward spiral. It feels better, cause I'm hammered, but I don't really end up better.

    When sober, going out is lame, depressing and not even worth the money. When stoned, I remember nothing of the going out entirely, which is the best in my opinion, but still going out isn't really worth any of these 3. In the end I'm depressed and feeling worse then before I go out.

    When not going out, while trying to look for contact, I have no ability to communicate whatsoever. I can walk up to people and I'm more likely to stare at them for hours before I can even say hi. In the past 2 years, I have only started talking to 2 people, one was to get smoke weed with, other was.. In a coffeeshop, I believe. It was even a girl. :O The conversation was going really smooth.. *sarcasm intended* Oh, the girl in the coffeeshop actually started talking to me, but it was a conversation.. sort of.

    Well, I'm not sure I'm making the point I was intended to, but reading back would lead to deleting... In any case, I'm not all too good in reaching out to others and the most convenient way for most, is to me, the worst.

    Thanks for your kind words, I don't know really what to say.. I might PM you sometime, not sure when, but it might be nice to talk sometime.
  8. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Social skills are difficult for a lot of people and depression can add another level of difficulty. It's good in a way that you are here, whether you know it or not, the social skills you have are being put into use, internet forums are incredibbly intimidating for alot of people and sometimes it can be hard just to be heard, the fact that you are an active member speaks volumes and shows that when necessary you are able to apply what skills you have. Mental illness can be hard to shake off but I think the fact that you are here shows you have reached a stage where you are willing to do something about it.
  9. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    :arms: :arms: :arms: we should hang out sometime, Sven, we could build a really smooth conversation. I'm very clumsy and shy around "new" people, so that'll guarantee some embarressment, which would give us something to laugh about. ;)

    okay that doesnt make sense, does it? :dry:
  10. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    :agreed: I totally agree with ou there Robin.
  11. LoD

    LoD Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, Ishtar, but it does make sense to me. ^^ I don't really laugh anymore, but still, it does make sense. :p

    Meh, the way my head is now it'll take hours to write a decent reply... Meh...

    But I agree, we have to meet up some time! Wow, what a decent reply.. Hope you don't mind me leaving it at this. ^^ :hugs:
  12. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    course I don't mind you leaving it at that :laugh:

    I'm glad my post made any sense to you :hug: :smile: