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I joined this forum a while ago, but have just had need of it. All these people on here. Damaged, I guess, in some way, just like I am. Why? What is it that does this to us, cos sure as hell we don't do it to ourselves. Is society just too hard to live in for some of us, we cannot fit in in the context we are placed in? Are some of our brains just wired this way? To make us want to do the thing that is against every instinct of anything that lives? If it's simply biological, and if there is a God, why does he create us this way - to try us? How do we deserve to be tried in a way that most other people will NEVER be tried, or even fully understand? If there is no God, does it matter if we just happen to be broken - like it's just a wierd biological mistake that we feel this way - and does it have no cosmic resonance if we kill ourselves?

Is it cowardice, like one of my closest friends thinks it is? Can we all go on and some of us are just too selfish or too weak? Or do we have a right to our own lives, and a right to expect people to understand just enough of how we feel to forgive what we want, and sometimes succeed, in doing? Do we have an obligation - to a God or to humanity (mortal and pointless or immortal and meaninful) - to make the best of our lives, to make a good change for others regardless of our own personal difficulties? Or is it ourselves that are the priority, and if we are the minorty for whom life is unbearable then are we excused from this "duty", and instead obliged to obey our own feelings and passions, despite their seeming inferiorty in relation to the life of someone who spends it helping others and not dwelling in self pity?

I don't know the answers to any of these questions, and being torn between the desire and the guilt, the uncertainty of what is right for myself, is making me mad.

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man has questioned himsefl for ages. tha tis a given. a great philosipher once said, by the nam of imanual kant, he said that it is a moral imepritive to help others and to treat their needs as an importance, regardles sof teh consequences, that it wasor mroal "duty" to do so, regardles sof ourselves adn fo rthe sake of humanity, as to uphodl a civil relation. however, he also said somthign rather intresting too. he said tha tit is first and formost that we have a duty to ourselves, that before we can help anyoen we msut keep a base level of happiness so as to be abel to nto fall to the temptaion of depresion adn cynisism, only when we ar happy to a degre can we help others and fullfill our other dutys.

i dont belvie everythign kant says. my philosiphie is this: you, before nayone else, have a duty toyoursefl adn to your own happiness. your life is jsut that, yours. you cant expect everyone aroudn you to help you wiht everything, adn you cannot be expected to help everyon else. to a point, you have to help yourself and keep yourself happy. if that isnt posible, then you can not help others, at least not yet. you cna be suportitive, yo ucna help eachother, butjsu thelping others wihtout helping yourself i dont think is posible. so, befor eanything, you have to help yoursefl and be good to yourself.

suicide is not cowardice i find. it is mor ethe final act of depret people, wethe rit is a cry for help or an escape from life.l it can seem cowardly, adn perhaps somtiems it is, but it isn talways. it is somtiems merly the last resort a mind can take in a depresed or panic state. is it biological to some degre> yes, i think it is. but is it also do to experience and issues we have? most certianly. life wil be tough for everyone, and nto eveyone wil be abel to handle it as well as others. if you yourself are unhappy, then how can you be a healthy person? and when you fidn youself so unhappy, so brooken down, that suicide seems to be the answer, then how can you do anythign else?

peopel her eare nto cowardly, i dont think suicid eis that. i think her eit is merly people who have lost touch with themselvs or hav eben hurt in some way only they can realy see, adn even then its unclear. and when the self goes, when you aqre unhappy wiht your own way of life, hwo can yo udo anythign else but change or wallow in it. you cant help somone then. you are nto of mind.

i dont know. i myself am depresed and not all to confident in my abilities, but i hope this gave somethign mroe for you to think about.


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Ha ha you should read one of my rantsthis one it might find make a few answers for you.

As for cowardice and selfishness. We all have to choose ourselves sooner or later. I am doing what I want is that so fucking bad? And as for being a coward well it takes a great deal of will power and courage to push past the natural fear of death. Yet in order to live you just have to not do anything.


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Some people find themselves, Some create themselves.

Some people would die to feel alive, Some are too alive to need to

Thats about the only philosophy I understand cuz I'm thick:sad:


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Sometimes I wonder if the meaning of life isn't just so simple that it's nothing more then survival of species. Humans are nothing more then intelligent animals, and animals seem to be motivated by only survival. They only procreate for survival and they only kill so that they can survive. There could be more to human existence than just survival, but maybe not. Maybe behind all of our philosophical thinking, there is nothing more then the hard wiring of "I must do anything I can to survive and allow my speicies to survive". Seeing as how I never really plan on procreating and the world is overpopulated with humans as it is, I often ask what the point is for me existing any longer. These aren't my only philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, just one idea that I have been asking myself lately.
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