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    you know, as i sit here thinking about what i've done with my life, my mind draws a blank. I've been wasting my life drinking and smoking pot. I've had good times, don't get me wrong, but the thing is that i don't remember half the stuff that i've done. I forget it all. I was talking with my friends mom and she said that she use to do drugs, and that it made her go to rehab. i don't want to go to rehab, i want to live, :laugh: that's funny...cause it's not true, me want to live. I made the mistake of telling my friend that i was hurting myself again and she goes and tells my mom. I told her i would get help, just don't tell my mom, well that idea went out the fucking window. I'm not gonna get help, i'm just going to pretend i am. I can't afford it, i can't take it, i don't want to be going on anti-depressants again, sleeping pills because i can't sleep and then me ending up taking them all and trying to hurt myself. I CAN'T DO IT!! I won't do it!! she can fuck right off. I have no one that cares!! :laugh: :laugh: alright, well thanksgiving dinner is ready and there are more ppl coming, i guess i should go now. everyone take care, everyone be safe, and everyone remember KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND YOUR STICK ON THE ICE!!

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