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    Hi all, please excuse me - this is just a rant but I think it will make me fell better letting it all out.

    Im sick of depression and suicide and I'm sick of trying so hard to do something about and everything I do to cure it being so ineffective. Really - I ve tried about 7 types of antidepressants and absolutely NONE have worked in the slightest. I really mean that - no effects. I may as well have been taking sugar pills. I eat healthy and exercise daily like they say you should. I still try to be social and out going even though its a huge amount of effort. I have seen 5 councillors and 2 psychiatrists which is, quite frankly, one of the biggest and most expensive wastes of time. When you boil it down, all they are fundamentally saying is 'Instead of thinking negatively, why don't you try thinking about that situation positively?'....well DUH! As if I hadnt tried that before! Nothing they say is different to what I have already tried myself, but apparently this is worth charging $120 an hour for.

    I think most of all I hate how when you are feeling close to committing suicide there seems to be absoluetly NOTHING you can do! I cannot speak about other countries but in Australia where I live the health system is fucked. Going to hospital for attempted suicide simply is not an option. You just have to deal with it. This is perhaps why in my age bracket the most common form of death is suicide. Not drugs, cancer or car accidents. Suicide. That makes me angry too - that a developed country like Australia that was one of the few to actually continue growth through the GFC still has a completely fucked health system and still ignores mental health issues.

    Anyway I am sorry guys for being not very constructive. I just needed to get this off my chest. I am a very angry person.

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    I am sorry your country does not help you hun it is awful you cannot get the help you need I am glad you come here hun keep venting okay it will help hugs:hugtackles: