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    *Trigger warning I think*

    I think I've just lost at least 4 of my really good friends, most likely more. I don't have very many friends that I trust. I don't want to go into it too much because I'll just get more upset, but it is all my fault. I've just lost a best friend of 8 years, and I know she's not coming back. It takes a lot to make her upset, and a lot more to not forgive you. Now, I know I am way too young to be worrying about friends, but I'm sorry I just can't help it. I've really hurt her and at least three others hate me. There's definitely no way to fix it, I've done too much.

    My anxiety is getting worse to the point where I am now sick, I really need to see my therapist but I can't book an appointment earlier than next month, I don't want to go home to my mother who will just deny everything I say and yell at me. I can't live with my dad or step dad because my mother will not allow it. I'm 11 days clean, but I feel I will change that very soon, the only reason I'm over 1 day clean is because I don't have my stuff with me.

    Sorry for the rant
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    Can you leave a phone message with your therapist just to let therapist know where your mind is at maybe therapist will be able to call you and talk to you on phone
    we all make mistakes it is from the mistakes we learn and we change don't be too hard on yourself If you apologize to you friend and give it time perhaps this friend will forgive you for whatever you did